How to Become an Indirect Resale Partner

To be eligible for a Cisco Indirect Channel Partner Agreement with Cisco, and to maintain it, you must agree to the following requirements.

Cisco User ID

You must have at least one Cisco user ID, which will be used to initiate your application to be an Indirect Resale Partner. The individual associated with this user ID must be authorized to sign a legally binding document on behalf of your corporation, partnership, or other legal entity. Without signature authority for your company, you cannot register as a Cisco partner. A Cisco user ID can be obtained by going to

Cisco Authorized Distributor Account and Viability

You must have at least one active customer account relationship with a Cisco Authorized Distributor. This distributor must be physically located or authorized to sell in the country or sales territory where you are registering with Cisco. You must provide Cisco with all Authorized Distributor(s) and customer account number(s) to validate your intent and ability to purchase and resell through Cisco's Authorized Distribution channel.

At time of a new registration, you must designate a Cisco Authorized Distributor who will be responsible for engaging with you for on-boarding and training purposes. You may purchase products and services from any Cisco Authorized Source (or Authorized Channel) but must designate an initial distributor for these training purposes.

If you are approved as a Registered Partner, you will be required to maintain your distributor account information within your partner profile account at Cisco by using the Cisco Partner Self Service (PSS) or other Cisco partner account management tool. You may be restricted from purchasing through a distributor if the information is not provided at the time of registration or is not updated and maintained in the partner account profile information at Cisco.

If you do not have a current account relationship with a Cisco Authorized Distributor, you can use the Cisco Authorized Distributor Locator, located at, to contact a Cisco distributor that will best serve your business needs.

Release of Information

By submitting the partner registration application and accepting the terms of the Cisco Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA), you authorize the release of your information, including your customer account number(s) at the distributor, reseller name, and contact information to Cisco and Cisco authorized third parties, including Cisco Authorized Distributors, to validate your intent and ability to resell and to initiate new partner onboarding, training, and sales engagement.

You also agree to indemnify and hold Cisco and its authorized third parties and Cisco Authorized Distributors harmless for any claim or judicial action whatsoever resulting from the use of such information.

Physical Address in Country

You must have at least one physical location within the country in which you are applying for Cisco partner registration. The physical location must be your actual business location and not a rented mailbox, a private residence, or a commercial logistics supplier. If you are approved as a Registered Partner, you must list at least one physical location in Cisco's Partner Locator tool.

Business Email Address

You must provide your business email address as your primary email address during registration. Your business email address should not be a public domain email address, such as or

Provision of Added Value

You must be able to demonstrate Cisco products to prospective end users at the end user's location and make professional services available each time you resell Cisco products or services.

Anticorruption Training

If you are approved as a Registered Partner, your key personnel who directly support Cisco's account must complete compliance training (provided by the Registered Partner, Cisco, or a third party) related to applicable anticorruption laws (including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or FCPA) within 12 months of the agreement's effective date. Cisco provides training at the following link:

Compliance with ICPA Terms and Conditions

You must agree to and comply with all the terms and conditions of Cisco's Indirect Channel Partner Agreement. Please refer to the Cisco Indirect Channel Partner Agreement for complete terms and conditions.

* Please note that the achievement of the minimum eligibility criteria above does not entitle the applicant to automatic eligibility. Cisco reserves the right to approve or decline a reseller application and is not obligated to disclose reasons for denial.

If you meet the above eligibility requirements and would like to begin the registration process to become a Cisco Registered Partner, please navigate to the Partner Registration Tool.