Cisco Catalyst IW9167, IW9165D, IW9165E, & IoT Operations Dashboard on laptop

Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul

Wireless you can depend on. Easy to deploy.

Confidently connect even your most demanding applications. Give your users an exceptional experience with an easy-to-deploy wireless network that offers high-speed reliability, low latency, and seamless handoffs.

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Power up your operations with wireless you can rely on.

Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul

Explore how Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul works

Connect confidently with ultra-reliable wireless backhaul technology. From automated guided vehicles in manufacturing to tele-remote applications in ports and mines and beyond.

Connect with confidence—every time

Rest easy knowing that your most critical assets are connected—even with obstacles and RF interference. Our Multipath Operations technology protects your critical communications around the clock.

Get connected fast with easy deployment

Get ahead of the curve with a wireless network that's quick and easy to deploy. Your Wi-Fi–savvy teams can set up our ultra-reliable wireless backhaul (URWB) quickly—it's built on 802.11 standards and deploys just like Wi-Fi.

Discover speed and security—together

Get a wireless network that matches the high-performance demands and data rates of your applications. Deliver a smoother experience with ultra-low latency, seamless handoffs, and built-in security.

Extend your wireless anywhere

Connect buildings and fixed assets with long-range, high-throughput wireless connectivity that works anywhere that fiber is too costly or is not an option.

Cisco Catalyst IW9167, IW9165D, and IW9165E

Find a reliable wireless solution that fits

Cisco catalyst IW9167 heavy duty series access points

Cisco Catalyst IW9167 Heavy Duty Series Access Points

Get versatile positioning in your network with tri-radio. Plus, MIMO 4×4 and multigigabit speeds.

Cisco catalyst IW9165E rugged access point and wireless client

Cisco Catalyst IW9165E Rugged Access Point and Wireless Client

Enjoy easy integration in moving assets with a compact form, dual radio, 2×2, and two spatial streams.

Cisco catalyst IW9165D Heavy Duty Access point

Cisco Catalyst IW9165D Heavy Duty Access Point

Easily set up wireless backhaul with built-in directional antenna and choice of external antennas (2 × N type).

Cisco IEC6400 Edge Compute appliance

Cisco IEC6400 Edge Compute Appliance

Catalyst IW radio traffic aggregator for large-scale deployments. Based on Cisco UCS C220 M6 Server.

Cisco FM4500 Fiber

Improve wayside communications with an SFP fiber port for direct connection.

Cisco FM4500 Mobi

Get enhanced vibration resistance with M12 connectors, suitable for trucks, cranes, and rail.

Cisco FM3500 Endo

Get the right choice for IT and operational technology (OT) backhaul, with RJ-45 Ethernet ports.

Cisco FM3200 Base

Deploy point-to-multipoint base station with wide horizontal coverage antenna.

Cisco FM4200 Fiber

Get SFP fiber port for direct connection that’s ideal for CBTC and low-bandwidth wayside communications.

Cisco FM1200 Volo

Enjoy point-to-point wireless backhaul or point-to-multipoint wireless network configurations.

Cisco FM Ponte Kit

Try the wireless bridge kit with two radios—ideal for video, voice, and data backhauling.

Cisco FM10000 Gateway

Use the Cisco FM radio traffic aggregator for large-scale deployments.

Cisco FM1000 Gateway

Use the Cisco FM radio traffic aggregator for medium-scale deployments.

Cisco Industrial Wireless service

Configure and roll out Cisco Catalyst IW wireless backhaul devices with IoT Operations Dashboard.

Cisco Industrial Wireless Monitor

Monitor and maintain URWB networks with real-time data, KPIs, and situation alerts from all URWB devices.

Cisco employee giving demo of Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul

Meet our innovative, versatile wireless client

Get an up-close look at the Cisco Catalyst IW9165E Rugged Access Point and Wireless Client. Discover how it provides ultra-reliable, low-latency wireless connectivity to machines and moving vehicles.

See the tech in action

ScottishPower Renewables goes green and clean

ScottishPower took wireless connectivity offshore for wind farm construction with URWB.

City of Fort Worth brings digital equity home

Fort Worth used URWB to bridge the digital divide in five key underconnected urban neighborhoods.

ThPA S.A. Port of Thessaloniki transforms operations

The leading port in Greece makes reliable wireless connectivity a reality with URWB.

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Answer a few questions to get recommendations for the products that best meet your needs.

Get answers from the experts

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