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IBM Networking

DLSw+ Design and Implementation Guide

Table Of Contents

Data-Link Switching Plus (DLSw+)

Data-Link Switching Plus (DLSw+)


Describes DLSw+ and how to design and configure a DLSw+ network

Getting Started

Describes basic configuration commands required for a DLSw+ network

Advanced Features

Describes advanced DLSw+ features, their benefits, and when and how to use them


Describes several ways to customize a DLSw+ network

Bandwidth Management and Queuing

Describes how to use bandwidth management and queuing features to enhance performance

Designing Hierarchical Networks

Discusses design considerations for building hierarchical DLSw+ networks

Designing Meshed Networks

Discusses design considerations for building meshed DLSw+ networks

RSRB Migration and Multivendor Interoperability

Compares RSRB and DLSw+ and the benefits of migrating from RSRB to DLSw+

Using Show and Debug Commands

Describes how to use show and debug commands

Using CiscoWorks Blue: Maps, SNA View, and Internetwork Status Monitor

Describes enhanced network management tools available for DLSw+ networks

Using DLSw+ with Other Features

Describes how to use DLSw+ in conjunction with SNASw, DSPU, LAN Network Manager, and NCIA

DLSw+ Ethernet Redundancy Feature

Describes how the DLSw+ Ethernet redundancy feature works and how to configure it

Memory Estimates

Provides details of DLSw+ memory utilization

DLSw+ Support Matrix

Lists DLSw+ features and the Cisco IOS release levels supporting them, by encapsulation type

Ethernet DLSw+ Redundancy

Discusses network design issues in a DLSw+ environment with Ethernet-attached end systems

DLSw Version 2 (RFC 2166) Questions and Answers

Answers frequently asked questions about DLSw Version 2 and how it differs from Version 1 and DLSw+

DLSw+ TCP Performance

Presents the results of tests to determine the percentage of CPU utilized on various Cisco platforms as a function of data frames transported between two DLSw+ TCP peers

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