Configuring Remote Serviceability for Cisco CallManager, Release 3.0
The Show Command Interface

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The Show Command Line Interface

Using Show Command Syntax

Using Show Command Options:

The Show Command Line Interface

A command line tool named show lets you display the contents of the Cisco CallManager configuration database, configuration file, memory statistics, and/or the Windows diagnostic information.

Using Show Command Syntax

You must install the Cisco CallManager to use the show tool. You run the show command from a DOS shell. The output data can be displayed on the console or saved into a text file.

Note Since the show command uses a temporary file in the \Temp directory for the output, check to see that you have enough disk space available to receive it. The amount you will need varies depending on a number of factors, e.g., the number of users and devices being used and the size of the database being used by the system.

Alternatively, you can run show.exe from a Telnet session if Telnet server software is enabled.

The file show.exe is located in the Program Files\Cisco\Bin directory.

The syntax for the show command is:

show [-f <filename>] [-c <column width>] [-w <console width>] [-v] [command]

Using Show Command Options:

-f <filename> name of file where you want to print the report

-c <col width> width of each column in the database report (default 15)

-w <con width> the width of the database report area (default 80)

-v verbose mode

The Command parameter can be one of the following:

? show help message

db show configuration database

db tables show database table names

db t <tablename> show content of database table

win report windows diagnostics

The information provided by the win command includes, but is not limited to

system statistics (system name, operating system, physical/virtual memory),

storage information (disk drives, capacity, partitions),

software environment (such as tasks and services running), and

summary statistics (including total disk space and available disk space).

tech | (none) report database and Windows system information

Note Show tech reports the same multi-report output as show command without a parameter.


	show -f output.txt -v -w480 db
	show tech
	show db t ProcessNode

Note Show win consumes a sigificant part of CPU resources to get the Windows system information and takes a long time to display. It should be executed only when Cisco CallManager is not busy.