Configuring Remote Serviceability for Cisco CallManager, Release 3.0
The Path Analysis Interface

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The Path Analysis Interface

Path Analysis Operation

Setting Up Call Detail Records (CDR) Logging

Enabling CDR Logging

The Path Analysis Interface

Path Analysis is a diagnostic application that traces connectivity between two specified points on a network. It analyzes both physical and logical paths (Layer 2 and Layer 3) taken by packets flowing between those points.

Path Analysis is one of a suite of tools supported by CiscoWorks2000 CampusManager 3.0.1. Using it with Cisco CallManager Release 3.0 requires the installation of the Common Management Foundation 1.1.1 Voice Manager patch on the CiscoWorks2000 Server.

Path Analysis Operation

Path Analysis supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 tracing of audio packets between two endpoints in the Cisco IP Telephony Solutions architecture.

After a call has been completed, PathTool traces the route of audio packets by specifying the directory number of the calling and called parties. This applies to calls between any of the following two endpoints: Cisco IP Phones, analog devices connected to a station gateway, or trunk gateways (analog or digital).

For more information, consult CiscoWorks2000 online help.

The information presented here will assist you in setting up Cisco CallManager 3.0. The paths that are traced can be displayed in the form of maps, trace logs, or tables in CiscoWorks2000 Campus Manager 3.0.

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Setting Up Call Detail Records (CDR) Logging

Voice over IP (VoIP) traces can be activated only when Cisco CallManager Release 3.0 is installed with Call Detail Record (CDR) logging enabled. The default status is disabled.

Enabling CDR Logging

Use the Cisco CallManager Administration to enable CDR logging (Figure 7-1)

Step 1 Select Service > Service Parameters.

Step 2 Select IP address of your Cisco CallManager installation.

Step 3 From the list of Parameters, select CDREnabled.

Step 4 Define type as boolean.

Step 5 Select T for True.

Step 6 Update.

Once this is done, Call Detail Records will start logging immediately.

Caution Tracing voice connectivity requires that CDR logging be enabled on every Cisco CallManager installation in a cluster.

Figure 7-1 Enabling CDR Logging