Cisco MDS 9000 Family Troubleshooting Guide, Release 3.x
New and Changed Information

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New and Changed Information

New and Changed Information

This chapter provides release-specific information for each new and changed troubleshooting guideline for the Cisco MDS SAN-OS Release 3.x software. The Cisco MDS 9000 Family Troubleshooting Guide, Release 3.x is updated to address each new and changed guideline in the Cisco MDS SAN-OS Release 3.x software. The latest version of this document is available at the following Cisco Systems website:

Tip The troubleshooting guides created for previous releases are also listed in the website mentioned above. Each guide addresses the features introduced in or available in those releases. Select and view the troubleshooting guide pertinent to the software installed in your switch.

To check for additional information about Cisco MDS SAN-OS Release 3.x, refer to the Cisco MDS 9000 Family Release Notes available at the following Cisco Systems website:

Table 1 summarizes the new and changed features for the Cisco MDS 9000 Family Troubleshooting Guide, Release 3.x, and tells you where they are documented. The table includes a brief description of each new feature and the release in which the change occurred.

Note This updated version of the Cisco MDS 9000 Family Troubleshooting Guide, Release 3.x has been reorganized from earlier versions to better address the most common troubleshooting issues in Cisco SAN-OS Release 3.x.

Table 1 New and Changed Features for Release 3.x 

Changed in Release
Where Documented


Not supported in 3.3(1).


Chapter 23, "Troubleshooting SANTap"

CFS Regions

Added troubleshooting information for CFS Regions feature.


Chapter 7, "Troubleshooting Cisco Fabric Services"

Configuration Limits

Updated configuration limits for Cisco SAN-OS features.


Appendix C, "Configuration Limits for Cisco MDS SAN-OS Release 3.x"

Fabric Manager

Updated troubleshooting information for Fabric Manager Web Client.


Chapter 26, "Troubleshooting Fabric Manager"


Updated FICON port numbering information.


Chapter 16, "Troubleshooting FICON"

N-Port Virtualization

Added troubleshooting information for NPV.


Chapter 9, "Troubleshooting N-Port Virtualization"


Added troubleshooting information for SANTap.


Chapter 23, "Troubleshooting SANTap"

Device Alias Services

Added troubleshooting information for device aliases.


Chapter 15, "Troubleshooting Distributed Device Alias Services"

IP Network Simulator

Added IP Network Simulator as a troubleshooting tool.


Appendix B, "Troubleshooting Tools and Methodology"

Nondisruptive upgrades on Cisco MDS 9124 Fabric Switch

Added information about troubleshooting nondisruptive upgrades on the Cisco MDS 9124 Fabric Switch.


Chapter 2, "Troubleshooting Installs, Upgrades, and Reboots"

SAN Device Virtualization

Added troubleshooting information for SAN device virtualization.


Chapter 12, "Troubleshooting SAN Device Virtualization"

SNMP test traps

Added SNMP test trap information


Chapter 4, "Troubleshooting Hardware"

Digital Certificates

Added troubleshooting options for digital certificates.


Chapter 24, "Troubleshooting Digital Certificates"

iSCSI Load Balancing

Added troubleshooting options for iSCSI load balancing (iSLB).


Chapter 20, "Troubleshooting IP Storage Services"

Mixed Generation Hardware

Added troubleshooting Generation 1 and Generation 2 hardware configuration.


Chapter 5, "Troubleshooting Mixed Generation Hardware"


Added troubleshooting RADIUS and TACACS+.


Chapter 17, "Troubleshooting RADIUS and TACACS+"

Call Home

Added troubleshooting for Call Home.


Chapter 25, "Troubleshooting Call Home"

FC-SP, port security, fabric binding

Added troubleshooting options for FC-SP, port security, and fabric binding.


Chapter 19, "Troubleshooting FC-SP, Port Security, and Fabric Binding"

IP Access Lists

Describes troubleshooting IP Access Control Lists (ACLs).


Chapter 21, "Troubleshooting IP Access Lists"

Users and Roles

Added troubleshooting users and roles based access.


Chapter 18, "Troubleshooting Users and Roles"