Cisco Unified Communications System for Contact Center Release 6.0(1)

Identify the Components That You Need

Identify the Components That You Need

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This topic provides links to descriptions of components, component documentation, and matrixes.

Contact Center Overview—Describes the primary Cisco software components in the contact center system.

Review Release Matrix—Identifies the components and their software versions that you need.

Component Resources Documentation—Lists the documentation available for each component.

Cisco Unified Communications Compatibility Tool Opens new window—Provides tables that identify the compatible software release versions for each product in each Cisco Unified Communications release.

Software Advisor Tool Opens new window —Helps you find software releases that are compatible with your hardware configuration, locate information about a particular software release, identify a software release that supports specific features you want, or compare the features in two software releases.

Cisco Interoperability Portal Opens new window—Provides information about configuring Cisco technologies with third-party products and lists features that interoperate between Cisco solutions and other vendors.

Bill of Materials (BOMs)

Hardware and System Software Specification (Bill of Materials) for Cisco Unified ICM/Unified CC Enterprise & Hosted Editions Opens new windowdocument—Specifies the hardware and system software compatible with and required for Cisco Unified ICM and Cisco Unified Contact Center.

Hardware and System Software Specification for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Opens new window—Provides platform hardware specifications and compatible third-party software version requirements across the major components of the Cisco Unified CVP solution.

For an additional overview of primary components that can be installed and configured in the contact center environment, see Primary Contact Center Components in Cisco Unified Communications Systems Opens new window.

Ordering Tools

Solution Expert Tool Opens new window

Solution Expert is a web-based tool that assists in the design, configuration, quoting, and ordering of Unified Communications products. Solution Expert is available for Cisco sales and partner systems engineers who have Cisco Unified Communications specializations.

With the Solution Expert tool, users can generate a recommended solution based on their requirements. Users can modify the recommended configuration if desired. Solution Expert validates any changes when it presents the new solution. Solution Expert also generates a bill of materials with list pricing, a Visio diagram, and other design documentation.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express/Cisco Unified IP IVR Ordering tool Opens new window

Ordering Guides Opens new window

Ordering guides for most Cisco Unified Communications products are available for partners and Cisco employees.

Click the "What is available for Partners" tab to view a list of the ordering guides and other marketing collaterals.