Cisco Unified Communications System for Contact Center Release 6.0(1)

Cisco Unified Communications Manager
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Cisco Unified Communications Manager

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides the Disaster Recovery System (DRS) for full backup and restore for all servers in a Unified Communications Manager cluster. The DRS performs a cluster-level backup, which means that it collects backups for all servers in a Unified Communications Manager cluster to a central location and archives the backup data to a physical storage device (tape or SFTP). For customers with multiple clusters, DRS must be configured per cluster.

DRS is invoked via the Unified Communications Manager Platform Administration. It allows you to perform scheduled (daily, weekly, monthly) automatic or user-invoked backups. DRS only supports a single backup schedule at a time. It provides a history (last 20 operations) of backup and restore operations.

With Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition, DRS also provides backup and restore capabilities for Unity Connection.

Note DRS does not support hostname or IP address change during restore. For more information about the Disaster Recovery System, see the Disaster Recovery System Administration Guide Opens new window.