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Cisco’s solutions for safer schools

Learning. Socializing. Growing. Schools are so much more than GPAs. They’re incubators and launching pads for tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.

For students and educators to perform their best, they need to be and feel safe — both physically and digitally. No wonder more schools are looking to technology for help addressing a breadth of security challenges. From understanding who’s on campus or targeting students online, to responding to medical issues, natural disasters, or acts of violence — today’s advanced solutions extend security to classrooms, school buses, and everywhere in between.

No, technology won’t solve everything. But when the right technology is implemented and managed the right way, it goes a long way toward making schools safer so teaching and learning can flourish.

Always on guard

So, what does it look like when all your technology is working as one to keep your school safe onsite and online? By aligning with the five mission areas of the Department of Homeland Security National Recovery Framework, Cisco Safer Schools solutions continuously work to help you avoid, overcome, and recover from events from intruders to natural disasters.

Access Control

Access control

Allow access only to people who should enter.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance

Know who is on campus and maintain awareness of what has happened, what is happening, and what is about to happen.



Easily communicate using any means (voice, text, video, etc.) among school staff, students, parents, and first responders.



In the case of an event, help ensure the appropriate people are informed of what happened and what they should do based on who they are.



Protect your cyber environment as well as securing critical data and remaining aware of cyberbullying.

The power of one

You already have technology powering your teaching and learning. You shouldn’t have to rip and replace it or bolt on costly standalone cybersecurity and physical security systems. Everything should work as one.

If you already have Cisco technology, there’s a good chance that Cisco’s Safer Schools portfolio can be easily integrated. Meaning cost-effective, on-and-off-network security deploys quickly, updates automatically, and is managed easily.

Physical Security - Communications - Collaboration - Cybersecurity
  • Physical Security
  • Communications
  • Collaboration
  • Cybersecurity

Technology + community

Cisco is fully committed to supporting education and helping inspire tomorrow’s leaders. And we realize that community — not technology — is the critical ingredient in both objectives.

So, we offer things beyond bits and bytes that empower people, processes, and systems to foster safer teaching and learning environments. We’re in this with you.

Community involvement

Community involvement

We can help link your school and community resources to remove barriers between information and actions.



Before, during, and after implementation, our Services team is here to support you so you can spend more time enabling learning initiatives.

Funding solutions

Funding solutions

Don’t let budget constraints stand in the way of immediate safety improvements. With Cisco Capital you can get the technology you need today with affordable payments spread over time.

Discover how Cisco can help you integrate technology for safer schools and boundless education.

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