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Cisco Next-Generation Firewall
Cisco Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Prevent breaches, get deep visibility to detect and stop threats fast, and automate your network and security operations to save time and work smarter

Are we protected? Are we ready for the next big breach?

Organizations everywhere are worried about the next big cybersecurity breach. A breach can compromise sensitive data, erode confidence in an organization’s brand, knock the network out of commission, and result in lost productivity and millions of dollars lost. Executives commonly ask their IT team, “Are we protected? Is our employee and customer data safe? When the next big cyber attack happens, will we be ready?” These aren’t easy questions to answer. Even if the IT team answers “Yes” to those questions, more often than not, it’s a “Yes” steeped in uncertainty. Why? Because despite deploying a robust set of security tools, prevention is never guaranteed.

I don’t know if I’m seeing everything.
I can’t stop what I can’t see.

Malware is more sophisticated than ever, and cybercriminals are unrelenting in their attacks. The IT team deploys a firewall to hopefully prevent these attacks and deal with them if they manage to sneak inside. But their firewall struggles to give them deep visibility into their systems to detect stealthy threats and stop them fast before damage can be done. Simply put, the IT team isn’t sure if their firewall and other security tools are showing them the full picture. If they can’t see malicious threats, then they can’t quickly stop them.

I’m overwhelmed. My products are working me instead of working for me.

In the face of these challenges, the IT team has limited resources, staff, and time. They’re overwhelmed and feel like they’re just playing whack-a-mole with threats. Their firewall may be firing off threat alerts, but the number of alerts are too many to count, many are false positives, and they lack the actionable information needed to prioritize, triage, and then take action. They’re not sure what to trust and they can’t keep up. They’re so focused on reacting to the problem that they can’t free up enough time to solve the problem.

With Cisco NGFW, you can:

Prevent breaches automatically to keep the business moving

Cisco NGFWs employ a diverse set of capabilities to automatically prevent breaches, safeguard the organization, and keep the network, ergo the business, humming.

It all begins with the best threat intelligence captured by our Talos team of 250+ threat researchers and analysts. They analyze millions of malware samples and terabytes of data per day, create security protections (Snort rules and threat indicators), and automatically share that information with the Cisco NGFW. When the firewall inspects traffic, it utilizes that threat intelligence to protect your organization 24/7 against known, unknown, and emerging threats.

WannaCry? NotPetya? VPNFilter? Talos caught all of these (and others), and Cisco firewall customers were automatically protected without having to do a thing—not a bad track record.

Get deep network and security visibility to detect and stop threats fast

Cisco NGFWs go beyond just prevention and access control to give you deep visibility into telemetry and potentially malicious file activity across users, hosts, networks, and infrastructure. This enables you to detect malicious activity fast and eliminate it before damage can be done.

Our advanced security capabilities help you see more so you can stop more:

  • Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS): The top-rated intrusion prevention system in the market helps you see more and block advanced threats automatically.
  • Advanced Malware Protection (AMP): Continuous analysis of file activity helps you catch the 1% of malware that evades front-line defenses.
  • Identity Services Engine (ISE): Track users, control access, and enforce firewall policy on devices in your network.
Automate operations to save time, reduce complexity, and work smarter

Cisco NGFW automates your networking and security operations to save you time and reduce complexity so you can focus on high-priority tasks.

Threat alerts are prioritized so you can stop just playing whack-a-mole with threats and focus on what matters most. Cisco NGFWs work together with the rest of Cisco’s integrated security tools to give you visibility across multiple attack vectors, from edge to endpoint. When the system of tools sees a threat in one place, it automatically stops the threat everywhere. Cisco NGFW shares policy information with ISE so that ISE can automatically enforce policy on devices. Cisco AMP for Endpoints will automatically notify the Cisco NGFW if it has quarantined a file on a specific device or multiple devices.

Cisco Next-Generation Firewall is not a lone wolf. It’s a member of the pack.

Hear from our customers:
  • Lewisville Independent
    School District
  • SugarCreek: Brandworthy
    Food Solutions
  • The Arc of
    Three Rivers

A top school district deploys security to transform K-12 students into
21st-century digital citizens

We discovered that Cisco Firepower next-generation firewalls delivered considerably more volume, variety, and granularity of information than the other next-gen firewalls we evaluated. Firepower’s at-a-glance dashboards made it quick and easy to see what’s happening and prioritize our response.”

- Chris Langford, Director of Network,

Infrastructure, and Cyber Security, Lewisville ISD

A food processing company secures their operations with fewer

The best part about the Cisco Firepower system is it allows us to do a lot more—manage new equipment with the same resources as we've had before. Cisco Firepower allows us to do more with less.”

- Todd Pugh, IT Director,


A nonprofit organization boosts network security and visibility

Cisco Next-Generation Firewall has given us a solution that works really well with our infrastructure and that gives us the visibility we need within our network.”

- Tom Mullins,

Network/Systems Administrator,
The Arc of Three Rivers