Cisco Secure Workload (Tetration)

Micro-segmentation and cloud workload protection

Achieve the security required for today's heterogeneous multicloud environment with Cisco Secure Workload (formerly Tetration). Protect workloads across any cloud, application, and workload--anywhere. Automate and implement a secure zero-trust model for micro-segmentation based on application behavior and telemetry. Proactively detect and remediate indicators of compromise to minimize the impact to your business.

Zero-trust capabilities

Explore how a comprehensive zero-trust model can dynamically protect application workloads across your entire distributed environment.

Create a zero-trust model (PDF)

Learn how the micro-segmentation of specific workloads and application traffic patterns can facilitate a zero-trust strategy.

This webinar describes how you can facilitate zero-trust access control for your applications.

Get Gartner insights on cloud workload protection

Read the seven important recommendations in the Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms.

Seamless workload protection for your business

Reduce attack surface

Automate micro-segmentation through customized recommendations based on your environment and applications.

Remain compliant

Granular visibility and control over application components with automatic detection and enforcement of compliance.

Gain visibility

Track the security posture of applications across your entire environment. Make informed decisions using automatic NIST vulnerabilities data feed.

Cisco Secure Workload models

Software as a service (SaaS)

  • Suitable for any size customer
  • Fully managed by Cisco; integrated with on-premise
  • Single pane of glass for hybrid data centers
  • Flexible pricing model; low barrier to entry
  • Quick spin-up; faster value realization; consistency across multicloud
  • Supports European data residency requirements


  • Physical and virtual options, customizable to business need
  • High scalability with 100% on-premise control of applications and data
  • High availability and horizontally scalable architecture support highest performance needs
  • Enables secure migration to cloud, multicloud for critical enterprise applications

Give your workload security the SecureX advantage

Unlock more value from Cisco Secure Workload with the built-in Cisco SecureX platform for a more consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your security across network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.

Cisco Secure Workload design and implementation video series

Learn how to use Cisco Secure Workload for cloud workload protection, micro-segmentation, and better application visibility.

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Micro-segmentation protects against lateral movement of malware. Get a step-by-step blueprint from Cisco and AlgoSec experts. 

Learn real-world examples of micro-segmentation to secure your most valuable assets: applications and their workloads.

Watch the on-demand webinar and learn to effectively defend and respond to hybrid cloud threats with Cisco Secure Workload.

Micro-segmentation is important to reducing security risks.  Learn proven methodologies to accelerate projects.

Cloud adoption and DevOps methodology are dramatically changing organizations. Learn how to securely deploy this new model. 

Blogs and videos

Secure Workload SaaS for Europe

Learn about Secure Workload SaaS for customers with European data residency requirements.

Want more info on Secure Workload (Tetration)?

Read our blogs for the latest insights and updates.

Watch a demo on Tetration's industry-leading micro-segmentation features.

See granular visibility, micro-segmentation, and workload protection in action.

Securing the hybrid cloud journey

Omdia research explores how Cisco Secure Workload provides the flexibility to address real-world challenges of the hybrid cloud data center and digital transformation, today and in the future.

Accelerate your adoption

Experience faster time-to-value, comprehensive adoption, optimized policies, and solution support with Cisco Secure Workload Services. Use our expertise and services' lifecycle to increase value from your Secure Workload SaaS and software deployment.

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