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Cisco Designed: Empowering Small Business Recovery

Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. When they're strong, we're all stronger.
Cisco can help as small businesses work to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19.

Between obstacle and opportunity, there's a bridge.

Small businesses like yours are innovative and resilient, and they'll recover from current economic challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic by adapting, adopting, and persevering. Our new resource hub, Cisco Designed: Empowering Small Business Recovery, is here to help with valuable information, expert insights, and other resources to enable you to stay connected, protect vital resources, maintain productivity, and manage expenses and cash flow so that you can focus on keeping your business running.

Solving your top-5 IT challenges

Simple solutions designed to help you solve complex IT problems, today, as you're reopening your business, and beyond.

Working from home

Reopening business? Collaborate with employees and customers, from anywhere.

Cybercrime protection

Secure your workforce and safeguard your business from identity theft and hackers.

Always-on business

Keep everything running with cloud technology that's easy to install and operate.

Workplace monitoring

Ensure safe distancing and real-time monitoring as your business reopens.

New office

No matter where you work, improve productivity and security in shared physical workspaces.

Start Up with Cisco

Every business, large or small, begins with an idea, a vision of something new and timely. Perhaps for you, recovery means it's time to bring your vision to life. You won't be alone: more than half of the companies in the Fortune 500 started during a crisis. Technology, like that from Cisco, can help you get things rolling, quickly and simply.

Financing options for small businesses

You're adapting to a new business climate, and we can make it easier to finance the technology that will help your business recover. Take advantage of true 0% interest financing and pay over time.

The power of partnership

No one should go it alone, and we're proud to partner with a community of proven small business advocates committed to helping businesses like yours recover. Our contribution: a passion for small business combined with deep technical expertise; discover how we can help you use technology to adapt, adopt, and overcome. 

NSBC Africa

The NSBC is Africa's leading SME organisation and the fastest growing organisation of its kind in the world, committed to helping business owners and entrepreneurs become tomorrow's business legends.”