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LeanIX supported by Meraki cloud case study

“We celebrate easy, useful and fun"
Jörg Beyer and André Christ wanted their software to be as intuitive as running or hitting a drum.

Company: LeanIX

Sector: Enterprise Architecture, Microservices Architecture and Software as a Service (SaaS)

Employees: 50

Country: Germany

Company website: leanix.net

Solution: Networking

Learning the intuitive way

Jörg Beyer and André Christ are passionate about their hobbies. André is into tennis and marathon-running, while Jörg loves playing the drums.

As co-founders of German software provider, LeanIX, both have carried across lessons from their leisure activities. André understands that winners need to be leaner, faster, and more agile than their rivals. And as a drummer, Jörg sees that tools must be immediately intuitive, rewarding, and fun to use.

Obvious, maybe.

But when it came to creating enterprise architecture management (EAM) software that helps companies run their business – analyzing data, reporting in real-time, guiding decision-making – traditional products had serious drawbacks.

They were proprietary, not open source. Opaque, not intuitive. Monolithic, not flexible. This meant companies would need costly IT expertise to deploy and use them. And even the ‘experts’ would have to struggle through manuals and training to get started – only to do the same again when products were upgraded.

In a world that demanded ever-faster business innovation and more agile IT, Jörg and André saw these solutions were holding companies back.

Easy as Google, useful as Excel, fun as Facebook

So, in their tiny office in Bonn, Germany, the pair launched LeanIX in 2012. Their vision was to be a new kind of software vendor, providing smarter tools for enterprise architecture and application portfolio management via the cloud.

“We wanted to create B2B software that was as easy as Google, as useful as Excel, and as fun as Facebook. This would ensure company stakeholders actually use the tool,” says André Christ.

The company’s distinctive name stands for ‘Lean Information Exchange’, evoking the idea of faster, leaner data-driven decisions. LeanIX also references the company’s agile software as-a-service (SaaS) business model, with its user-friendly tools and ne-grained, ‘microservice’ interfaces.

The LeanIX solution is now used by over 130 companies, including Adidas, DHL, Merck, Vodafone and online footwear-and-fashion store, Zalando.

Customers roll out LeanIX rapidly, with minimal training, then start reaping the added value right away.

Cisco provides the cloud solution that makes LeanIX possible

LeanIX was attracted by Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based network and WLAN solution because it found Meraki simple to install, flexible, and scalable.

Cisco Meraki let us focus on our core competency – software development. It worked flawlessly from day one. No failures. Intuitive usability. Expert support. You can’t ask for more than that.

André Burchart, VP Operations, LeanIX

The core business of LeanIX depends on Meraki’s secure cloud solution. In the words of André Christ: "Stable, efficient Internet is essential for us. Our software is distributed as a cloud solution, the tools we use are sourced over the Internet, and we use IP-based telephony. We even present our solution to prospective customers via Web demos.”

By enabling LeanIX’s customers to stay ahead of ever-changing IT and business needs, the Cisco Meraki cloud has helped LeanIX grow rapidly, building on their core vision of ‘easy, useful and fun’


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