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I want to connect to printers, laptops, phones and other devices to a single network.


I want to keep my business online, empowering multiple devices.

Access Points

I want to ensure secure Wi-Fi access to my network.

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Our team of highly trained advisors understand that small businesses are unique, and choosing the right products is an important decision. We are on hand to support you in finding the right products for your business and can offer you a private demo and update you on our latest promotions. We can also guide you through the purchasing process, offering a tailored payment plan.

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Small Business Questions & Answers

I want to set up a new network, but I am not sure which products I need. Can a Cisco advisor help me?

Yes, our Cisco advisors will help you to select the right products or services for your business and can easily provide 1-2-1 product demos of our products to show you how to set up your new network. Speak to our advisors today.

I want to secure my network, but I am not sure which product I need. Can a Cisco advisor help me?

Yes, our Cisco advisors will be able to help you to identify which Cisco products or services you need to best set up your network and overcome any technical challenges.  They can also help you with the entire purchase process and inform you on our flexible financing solutions.

Where can I buy Cisco products?

If you already know which Cisco products you would like to purchase, you can visit our Brand store and buy now.

Can Cisco help me with financing for Cisco products?

Yes, for small business Cisco has an unique offer: Cisco Easylease. With Easylease you can get your Cisco solution with no upfront payment. Also you can spread payments over 36 months with 0% interest. If you want to learn more about this offer, please speak to our Cisco advisors.

How do I contact Cisco if I want to make a purchase?

If you would like to speak to a Cisco advisor about making a purchase, you can call us today, request a call back, or start a chat with us. You can do so using the link here, or the buttons on the right of your screen. If you already know which products to buy you can visit our Brand Store and buy directly. 

If your questions haven't been answered, reach out to a Cisco advisor