Connected Defence

Mankind has produced more data in the last two years than the previous 10,000; harnessing and using that information to your advantage is key to mission success on the evolving battlefield of the digital age. Cisco is at the heart of giving you that capability.

Cisco and Defence: Supporting Successful Military Operations

"Work is underway to deliver a new approach to acquisition and maintenance of ICT services, led by the Defence Core Network Services... to improve agility, provide greater financial visibility and enable cost savings." (Ministry of Defence, ICT Strategy, October 2010).

The key MOD business priorities are one of the areas where Cisco are seeking to deliver a new partnership to transform and enable organisational efficiency.

We have a strategic presence in every significant ICT programme within the Ministry of Defence. As a trusted partner, our ICT architecture underpins much of the current C4ISTAR infrastructure. We are committed to an agile approach to doing business - with our defence customers and delivery partners.

End-to-End Infrastructure

Cisco provides the intelligent end-to-end ICT infrastructure that delivers reliable, agile military capability. We have adapted what we have learned in mission-critical enterprise environments to create military-grade, COTS battlespace architectures in Land, Maritime, Air and Satcom.

This is evidenced by our successful partnerships with programme teams and delivery partners in strategic implementations such as:

  • Satcoms (Skynet 5)
  • Tactical Communications (Falcon, CSIS, AMN)
  • Logistics (LogsNEC)
  • Medical (DMCP)
  • Coalition (Win-T, JNN, Overtask)

Flexible Transition and Rapid Integration

The MoD, in common with other Government departments, is committed to more flexible and rapid commissioning of solutions based on a framework approach to procurement. Cisco has worked closely with Government to help shape the definition of the Public Services Network (PSN) in order to help create the PSN standards and associated frameworks. Our networks play a strategic role in delivering connectivity and secure, business-focused services to Government in the UK. We are also committed to a framework approach to defence ICT procurement that allows for simplified transition and integration.

Investing for Future Capabilities

Cisco invests heavily in R&D ($5.8 billion per annum) or 13% of revenue to maintain our market leadership position in intelligent networks, virtualised data centres and real-time communications. The advantages associated with our integrated suite of solutions create a platform for long-term stability and success. Delivering consistent IP services from the Fixed Enterprise through to the Tactical Edge, enables Defence to significantly reduce costs and complexity associated with service management, operator training and interoperability.

Working in partnership with managed service providers and system integration partners we help to plan, design, build and operate complex infrastructure programmes for defence. We take advantage of our vast global experience, financial risk/reward models, substantial security-cleared engineering resource and R&D commitment.

Cisco defence solutions can help unite legacy systems, improve agility, build virtual presence, and meet operational military requirements.

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