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Museums & Culture – where tradition meets technology

Safeguarding our heritage by creating the digital museum of the future

Bringing digital technology to the museum experience

Museums and other cultural institutions are evolving. As visitors become increasingly tech-savvy, venues must adapt to this digital-first audience while also protecting heritage and legacy.

Find out how our digital technologies can help you create engaging new ways of learning about our history, to inspire the next generation of museum goers.


UK Museums – embracing digitisation

How can museums and other cultural institutions thrive in the digital age?

Digital Applications

Connected Mobile Experiences

Get more value from your Cisco wireless network with Cisco CMX


Virtual art guide that makes art accessible and supports cultural institutions

Sparta Digital

Engagement solutions for a range of challenges, using cutting edge technologies

Alchemy VR

VR production services for compelling, immersive experiences

Libraries - Make your community digital

We believe in digital opportunities for everyone across the UK.

In line with the UK’s Digital skills strategy we see libraries as the heart of the community. That’s why Cisco is teaming up with libraries to deliver self-paced online courses. Available to all UK libraries, these courses offer access to a range of topics - from the basics of getting online, to the Internet of Things (IoT) to Cybersecurity. Courses require minimal intervention from library staff and enrolment takes just 5 easy steps.

With almost 90% of all jobs already requiring some level of digital skills, we are committed to improving digital inclusion, making libraries the ‘go-to’ provider for digital access, training and support. Our courses give people the confidence to access online resources and offer a first step into working in IT.


Digital Acceleration across the UK

We’re helping drive economic growth and productivity improvements throughout the UK