Security Advisory Services

Develop strategies to protect your business

Speed up your digital transformation by building security into your business operations. Prioritise your security projects with the support and advice of our experts. Learn the best ways to respond to advanced threats and meet compliance standards. We will work with you to identify vulnerabilities quickly and manage your risks.

    Grow your business securely with...

    Expert guidance

    Our experts in cybersecurity, risk management, and technical innovation help you meet your business and security objectives.

    Greater confidence

    Gain a deeper understanding of your security strategy, operations, and infrastructure. Align them with industry best practices.

    Effective controls

    We’ll help you identify and correct security gaps, ineffective processes, and poorly designed technology security controls.


    Security Advisory Services portfolio

    Strategy, risk, and compliance

    Drive innovation and growth securely with the right architecture and strategy in place.

    Assessments and penetration

    Understand the vulnerabilities across your infrastructure, applications, and devices.

    Incident response

    Discover, prepare for, manage, and recover from data breaches and network attacks.

    Secure your cloud

    Manage the impact of cloud adoption across your organisation.

    News and events

    Intelligent incident response

    Combine threat intelligence and incident response to reduce the impact of breaches.

    Prepare for incident response

    Internal communications are critical for efficient and effective incident response.

    2017 Midyear Report

    Discover the latest cybersecurity vulnerabilities.