Cisco Secure Firewall

Do you have a firewall fit for today's challenges?

Does it harmonise your network, workload and application security? Does it protect apps and employees in your hybrid or multi-cloud environment? Make sure you're covered.

Anticipate, act and simplify with Secure Firewall​

Overview video of Secure Firewall 4220 and software update

Overview of Cisco Secure Firewall 4200 Series appliance and version 7.4 software

With workers, data and offices located all over, your firewall must be ready for anything. Secure Firewall helps you plan, prioritise, close gaps and recover from disaster, stronger.

Interact with your firewall

One-third of your firewall rules are broken. Use the Cisco AI Assistant for Security to aid policy identification and reporting, to augment troubleshooting and to automate policy lifecycle management.

Achieve superior visibility

Regain visibility and control of your encrypted traffic and application environments. See more and detect more with Cisco Talos, while leveraging billions of signals across your infrastructure with security resilience.

Drive efficiency at scale

Secure Firewall supports advanced clustering, high availability and multi-instance capabilities, enabling you to bring scalability, reliability and productivity across your teams and hybrid network environments.

Make zero trust practical

Secure Firewall makes a zero-trust posture achievable and cost-effective with network, micro-segmentation and app security integrations. Automate access and anticipate what comes next.

Find the ideal firewall for your business

Cisco Secure Firewall

1000 Series

Best for smaller businesses and branch offices.

3100 Series

Enhanced for medium-sized enterprises, with the flexibility to grow in the future.

4100 Series

Security, speed and scalability for a powerful data centre.

4200 Series

Experience faster threat detection with greater visibility and the agility to safeguard large enterprise data centre and campus networks.

9300 Series

Optimised for service providers and high-performance data centres.

Secure Firewall Threat Defence Virtual

Virtual firewalls for consistent policies across physical, cloud and hyper-converged environments.

Secure Firewall ISA3000

Rugged design for manufacturing, industrial and operational technology environments.

Secure Firewall Cloud Native

Developer-friendly and Kubernetes-based for scalable and resilient cloud-native security.

Secure WAF and bot protection

Enhance application security and resilience for today’s digital enterprise with Secure WAF and bot protection.

DDoS protection

Defend against attacks that flood your network with traffic, impacting access to apps and business-critical services.

Cisco Secure Firewall

Experience Firewall Management Centre in action

See how you can centralise and simplify your firewall admin and intrusion prevention. With visibility across ever-changing and global networks, you can manage modern applications and malware outbreaks in real time.

Get three vital protections in a single step

You don't have to trade security for productivity. The Cisco Security Step-Up promotion deploys three powerful lines of defence that are simple, secure and resilient for your business. Defend every critical attack vector – email, web traffic and user credentials – in one easy step.