What's New with Cisco Secure Firewalls

Latest improvements and features

Cisco named Best NGFW in SE Labs Annual Report 2023

The SE Labs annual report focuses on threat intelligence to help you build a security strategy for success.

Drive security resilience with Secure Firewall

Learn why Cisco Secure Firewall is a fundamental building block for enabling security resilience across your hybrid and multicloud environment.

See how Cisco Secure Firewall works seamlessly with other Cisco security solutions, empowering you to protect users and applications in a hybrid environment. 

Cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center

Boost productivity and lower costs with the new cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center, accessible through Cisco Defense Orchestrator.

Integration and automation to simplify security

Secure Firewall integrations make it easier to use SecureX capabilities to increase threat detection, save time, and simplify tasks.

Cisco Secure Firewall 3100 Series

The new enterprise-class 3100 Series is designed for hybrid work. It supports more remote users and boosts VPN performance. With clustering and high port density flexibility, 3100 Series helps ensure a strong return on investment.

The Total Economic Impact of Secure Firewall

Forrester's cost-benefit analysis measures the operational efficiency and threat efficacy of Secure Firewall over a three-year period. 

Simplify firewalling in AWS

Threat Defense Virtual now supports AWS Gateway Load Balancer. Using GENEVE protocol, our integration makes it easier to deploy, manage, and scale Cisco firewalls without routing changes.