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Meet Cisco Nexus Dashboard

This simplified, centralised data center dashboard makes it easier to manage your hybrid cloud network operations.

Simplify hybrid cloud operating models

Tackle today's hybrid world with new data center networking innovations.

Cisco Nexus 9000 and ThousandEyes integration

Break down the barriers between the data center, network, and monitoring for an optimal app experience.

Cisco Nexus 400G momentum continues

Prepare for the cloud in even the most demanding environments with Nexus 9000 and cloud scale ASIC.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard and Cisco Cloud ACI

Simplify operations, automate network connectivity, and gain consistent policy management and visibility.

Complete control from a single pane of glass

Streamline data center management with our simple, intuitive interface. Whether you're an operator or an admin, one screen is all you'll need.

In the operator view, you can...

  • Easily deploy operational services.
  • Easily monitor hybrid cloud environments.
  • Get a unified Day 2 operations view.
  • Leverage common northbound integrations.

In the admin view, you can...

  • Orchestrate hybrid cloud sites.
  • Provide common services for all apps.
  • Deploy cross-domain and third-party integrations.
  • Provide lifecycle maintenance of operations infrastructure and app services.

A data center dashboard that's (almost) fun

Cisco Nexus Dashboard provides full-stack observability with one view across a global collection of fabrics with full integration of key data center networking services.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Uncover issues and network insights with a system that helps run itself.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator

Extend connectivity, and policy across end-to-end fabrics with health monitoring.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Data Broker

Gain visibility for high-volume and business-critical traffic

Third-party ecosystem

We don’t just permit your third-party tools. We roll out the welcome mat.

Featured Cisco Nexus Dashboard webinars

Scale out into the multicloud with Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Be one of the first to see the new converged approach to hybrid cloud network operations.

A deeper dive into Cisco Nexus Dashboard

See firsthand how we simplified the complexity of multicloud data center management in this  live demo webinar.

Choose the best DCN license for your needs

Learn how to get the Nexus Dashboard

DCN Essentials subscription

For single data center telemetry and basic network services. Optional Day 2 Ops license.

DCN Advantage subscription

Includes capabilities for multiple data centers and clouds.

DCN Premier subscription

Provides intelligent analytics and automation for multiple data centers and clouds.

DCN Day 2 Ops subscription

Includes intelligent analytics, deep operational visibility, and reduced downtime.

Nexus Dashboard has unified our intent-based network functions and enabled us to implement new service assurance innovations. By consolidating separate tools...it has reduced our footprint and costs.

Curt Poage, Operations and Service Assurance Lead, Cisco IT


What is the Cisco Nexus Dashboard?

Cisco Nexus Dashboard is a single-pane-of-glass console that streamlines data center network operations and management.

What is the role of the Cisco Nexus Dashboard platform in the Cisco Nexus Dashboard?

The Cisco Application Service Engine (SE) is now integrated into the Cisco Nexus Dashboard Platform. This ensures continuity and investment protection for our SE customers and onboards them onto a modern operations automation platform, the Cisco Nexus Dashboard.

What are the operational service applications supported on the Cisco Nexus Dashboard (ND 2.0.1)?

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator, Cisco Network Dashboard Insights, and Cisco Nexus Dashboard Data Broker. ND 2.0.1 supports both Cisco ACI and Cisco DCNM sites.

What is the relationship between Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights and Cisco Nexus Dashboard?

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights is a data center operation service that is hosted on the Cisco Nexus Dashboard. Cisco Nexus Dashboard provides the compute platform services and application infrastructure required for Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights to function.