Cisco Security Portfolio

Benefits of an integrated portfolio

We integrate security across the network, cloud, Internet, email, and endpoints. We see a threat once and protect against it everywhere. We block more threats, respond faster to advanced threats, and deliver automation so IT resources go further.

Security is stronger

We fare well in third-party testing for security effectiveness, demonstrating how we keep organizations safer.

Responses are faster

The industry average for detecting advanced threats is 100 days. We can detect and respond to these threats within hours.

Resources go further

When you automate your security, teams can focus on less manual projects while enjoying a 38 percent ROI advantage.

Gartner: Cisco is named an IDPS leader

Cisco is positioned as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.

Enterprise Strategy Group’s top cybersecurity vendors

Find out which companies are considered the leading enterprise-class security vendors. And learn about the trends in security consolidation.

Overcome security challenges

Stop threats at the edge

Digital businesses can stay focused with a next-generation firewall (NGFW) with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection. Adding Cisco Email Security makes network protection even more effective.

Protect users where they are

Only 75 percent of workers stay on a corporate network. Protect them everywhere they go with Cisco AMP for Endpoints and Cisco Umbrella working in harmony.

Stop threats faster

The network is the most powerful foundation for an organization’s security. Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise and Cisco ISE work together with the network to provide powerful, highly secure access; automated threat detection; and software-defined segmentation. They can even detect encrypted threats.

An integrated portfolio

Exceptional threat intelligence

Integrated portfolios have threat intelligence that backs all products. They see a threat once and block it everywhere, so you stay safer.

Industry-leading products

Integrated portfolios start with best-in-class products across the network, cloud, Internet, email, and endpoints. For effective integration, you need more than an anchor product surrounded by rudimentary products. You need leading products across the board.

Security automation

Our products are integrated for automation that keeps you safer. Automated responses to threats lift manual burdens from teams, so they can focus on business priorities. 

Security that is open

Openness to integrate with other vendors is a cornerstone of our security. We aspire to be your lead security provider, but we know you have many important security initiatives, which is why you can integrate our solutions with others.

A network foundation

Security portfolios can use the network itself as a foundation to shrink the attack surface. Such a network gives you even stronger access control along with software-defined segmentation. Threats can’t spread because the network automatically delivers effective security.

Cisco leads the security industry…

In breach detection

According to a recent NSS labs study, Cisco solutions discovered 100% of malware, exploits, and evasions.

In protecting your email

See how Cisco Email Security stacks up against the competition.

With an integrated approach

Learn how you can improve security efficacy, increase savings, and boost productivity.

Now see our products in action

Cisco security vs. ransomware

Learn how our portfolio works together to provide simple, effective security against attacks.

Integrate to enhance security

Multiple security vendors? No problem. See how we can work with your existing technology. 

Defend Mars using Stealthwatch

Secure encrypted-traffic devices on Mars and see Stealthwatch Enterprise in action. Join the fun exploring new gaming levels and challenges.

Take budgets further

Unlimited licenses. One simple agreement. Get even more cost-effective access to our full security portfolio.