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Cisco Global Work Your Way Study for Mobility

Work Your Way Infographic

See how IT and end-user service perception differ regarding BYOD and mobility.

Work Your Way Infographic

2013 Findings

Cisco surveyed approximately 1300 IT professionals and business end users to compare IT's perception with how end users connect to business applications and their challenges with bring your own device (BYOD). Primary findings from the Cisco 2013 Cisco Global Work Your Way Study are outlined below.

Forty-six percent of end users point to network performance as the reason mobile device experience is impacted, while only 39 percent of IT staff agreed. This reveals that there is a lack of performance or scale to support the flood of mobile devices on the network.

Fifty-four percent of end users admit to using their devices for personal use more than 75 percent of the time, where only 35 percent of IT believed this was the case. This points to lack of visibility in end-user usage.

Additionally, 44 percent of end users rely on wireless devices as their primary device, and 11 percent of end users access business applications only from a corporate location. This data points to the importance of planning for both wired and wireless networking capabilities when supporting BYOD.

Additional results showed that over 56 percent of end user are relying on collaboration applications on mobile devices today and 63 percent of end users want to rely on their mobile devices more than they do now.

BYOD with Inconsistent Networks

Maintaining multiple inconsistent networks with different network characteristics, policy, security features, and operations makes it difficult to support BYOD or roll out new applications consistently across the entire organization.

Moving to a single network infrastructure that enables the creation of innovative connected experiences can meet these challenges. Based on One Policy, One Management, One Network, the Cisco Unified Access solution can deliver an integrated and simplified intelligent network platform that speeds business innovation and improves business efficiency to effectively support mobility (eg, BYOD) and collaboration.