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Services for Enterprise Routers

Migrate to intent-based networking

Confidently move to a digital-ready network foundation that is simple, automated, intelligent, and secure.

Putting technology to work for you

Let our experts help you deploy your new network technology. We’ll help you migrate the right way with the right support so you get it right the first time. Start experiencing extraordinary business results faster and maximize your technology investments.

  • 50% reduction in deployment time

  • 75% less downtime

  • 43% faster complex issue resolution

Advisory services

Create a foundation for success. We work with you to understand where you want to take your business and how technology can help. Then we build a roadmap with predictive steps to get you there.

Accelerate your network transition, while maintaining a stable, secure network, with a strategic plan and roadmap that prioritizes critical business needs.

Implementation services

Speed deployments and simplify your IT with proven methods. We provide expert assistance to validate, migrate, secure, and integrate your new Cisco DNA solutions and technologies into your network.

Strengthen your Meraki infrastructure and quickly absorb technology upgrades with the help of expert planning, specialized tools, and ongoing guidance for your staff.

Speed adoption by identifying your technical and operational readiness, creating a design customized for your goals, and validating the new solution for your network and use cases.

Seamless transition to SD-WAN with a full range of network discovery, planning, design, and implementation services.

Bring ISE and Stealthwatch online faster with an accelerated and error-free deployment.

Optimization services

We can help you innovate faster with our next generation of optimization services.  See how much more you can get out of your technology investments.

Apply actionable analytics, automation, and IT expertise to help you predict opportunities, preempt risks, and accelerate technology transitions.

Managed services

Trust the experts in IT innovation to keep your new network running at peak performance. We will manage your new Cisco DNA network as well as your broader IT infrastructure so you can focus on enabling the business outcomes you need.

Proactive management approach keeps business running smoothly even as the network grows and changes.

Technical services

Unlock greater value from your IT investments. From product support to high-value services for software, multivendor solutions, and network environments, we will keep your new technology working simply, reliably, and securely.

Smart Net Total Care

Track your network assets, set security alerts and receive proactive diagnostics.

Technical Services Advantage

Take advantage of personalized support to reduce business disruption and increase operational efficiency.

Training services

Equip your IT staff with the skills and knowledge they need to migrate and manage your new intuitive network.

CCNA R&S Certification

Begin your R&S training path here.

Cisco Learning Labs

Practice labs to enhance learning.

Networking for Digital Business

Expand your networking skills for digital business.

Cisco Learning Network

Find technical information and professional networking opportunities.