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IOx combines Internet of Things (IoT) application execution within the fog, secure connectivity with Cisco IOS as well as powerful services for rapid, reliable integration with IoT sensors and the cloud. By bringing application execution capability to the source of IoT data, customers overcome challenges with high volumes of data and the need for automated, near real-time system responsiveness. The IOx application framework offers consistent management and hosting across network infrastructure products including Cisco routers, switches and compute modules. IOx allows application developers to work in the familiar Linux application environment with their choice of languages and programming models with familiar open source development tools.

Develop IoT Business Applications at the Edge

Cisco IOx combines Cisco IOS and the Linux OS for highly secure networking.

Features and Capabilities

  • Reach business outcomes associated with IoT initiatives more rapidly with application execution within the fog
  • Reach production scale rapidly by offering flexible application development and deployment approaches
  • Build new business with the ability to process high volumes of data in the fog and deliver closed loop system control in real time.

Specifications at-a-Glance

Secure, device independent application hosting and execution



Network infrastructure independent application development and deployment

Develop applications in high-level programming languages and deploy them to fog infrastructure while IOx abstracts the hardware complexity.

Built-in security for application deployment and management


  • Application executing on fog network infrastructure are segregated from networking functions
  • Management traffic between Fog Director and IOx applications is encrypted
  • Use VPN and/or IPSec tunnel services via integration with IOS services



Secure, device independent application hosting and execution



Connect to IoT sensors with pluggable protocol support

Use IOx services to connect with IoT sensor data via customizable protocol data handlers

Transform data immediately upon ingestion with Fog Data Services


  • Process real-time streaming data with simple rules
  • Peek and parse data packets
  • Translate and generate events from binary streams of data
  • Map sensor data and generate HTML or JSON for consumption by cloud applications
  • Use the same rule sets across IOx supported network infrastructure products
  • Configure rules via web interface
  • Integrate via REST API


Connect to cloud and data center systems

Use IOx services to integrate fog applications with cloud/data center applications via common standards including HTTPS and MQTT


Flexibility in application programming languages and packaging



Develop applications in high level programming languages and deploy them on supported devices


  • Java SE Embedded 1.7 and Java SE Embedded 1.8 (Supported only in IR829)
  • Python 2.7 language runtimes (Supported for all IOx enabled devices)


Integration with PaaS capabilities associated with application programming environments

IOx integrates the necessary run-times for supported devices when developing in Java and Python

LXC container support


  • Use IOx SDKs to package code and libraries into a LXC container and deploy on supported IOx network infrastructure
  • Integrate existing applications with execution within containers


SDK for application development

Use a full feature command line client to manage network infrastructure agnostic application development (ioxclient)


  • Develop in high level languages such as Python, Java and leverage the IOx application framework to execute across a broad range of network infrastructure
  • Integrate existing applications with execution within containers such as LXC

Network infrastrucutre products supported

The following Cisco network infrastructure products currently support IOx:

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