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Cisco Prime Home

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

View the End-of-Life Notice to learn: 

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Transform the Home Network Management Experience

Cisco Prime Home provides a feature-rich, standards-based remote management and provisioning solution that provides visibility into the home network, reduces operational costs and improves the subscriber experience. A variety of powerful customer support tools and a unified view of all in-home connected devices combine to make the home network easier to set up and support.

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Features and Capabilities

Based on the Broadband Forum's TR-069 suite of protocols for provisioning and managing in-home devices, Cisco Prime Home discovers detailed information about all connected devices in the home. The solution provides visibility for both service providers through an easy-to-use web portal, making information actionable.

Cisco Prime Home features:

  • Zero-touch provisioning, remote configuration, and software upgrades
  • Real-time problem diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Configurable threshold-based alerts and workflows triggered by device activity
  • Easy integration into existing service provider systems using web-based APIs

Benefits include:

  • Lower operating expenditures by reducing truck rolls and consumer support calls
  • Simplified management, through automation of home device mass management for reduced administrative overhead
  • Accelerated issue resolution through a structured problem-solving approach that guides customer care representatives through predefined processes
  • Higher customer satisfaction and lower churn by providing actionable information for the troubleshooting of home network problems
  • Support for better business decisions by allowing proactive analysis and addressing of support issues

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