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Empower healthcare innovation. Simply and securely transform experiences and outcomes.

Enable health without boundaries

Start the digital transformation of your healthcare organization today. Around the world, our experts are securely connecting patients, doctors, and processes to increase access, quality of care, and efficiency. We lead the industry with innovative solutions that lay the foundation for a healthier tomorrow. Our experience spans...

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Personalize patient engagement

Foster patient education and satisfaction with onsite and mobile experiences.

Deliver remote care and collaboration

Help care teams work better, with each other and with patients.

Simplify clinical workflows

Empower healthcare professionals to improve processes and care.

Increase workplace efficiency

Enhance clinical and business operations and information-sharing.

Connect R&D and manufacturing

From research to delivery, make connections that get your products to market faster.

Enable security and compliance

Address physical and cybersecurity, patient privacy, and regulatory requirements.

Save critical minutes with mobile video

Physicians at home can see the video and the CT scan that was taken two minutes ago. That can make the difference between the patient walking out of the hospital or suffering a range of less desirable outcomes.

Michael W. Smith, CIO, Lee Memorial Health System

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