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Cloud Professional Services

Evolve your cloud strategy

Our experts can develop a customized cloud strategy for you. Are you ready to take the next step in your multicloud journey?

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Welcome to Your Cloud Journey

Whether you've already embraced the cloud or you're still considering adopting it, our Cisco cloud portfolio is designed to support you every step of the way to achieve the most secure and optimized cloud environment specific to your unique business needs. It's our goal to help ensure that you use the right cloud securely for the right service, controlling the right workload with the right policies at the right time.

Our cloud professionals can help you make decisions from whether you should build or buy all the way to which applications to migrate. We can help you develop a secure cloud strategy, extend your capabilities, and implement and deploy your plan. And we can help you understand the opportunities of the cloud for your business, which include improved agility, cost reduction, and support for growth and innovation.


No matter where you are in your journey, we've got you covered.

Cloud Strategy Services

Align your cloud strategy with your business goals and develop ROI and TCO, strategy, budgeting, costing, and pricing.

  • Domain Ten Workshop: Drive business outcomes in this 1-day workshop with a unique reference framework based on our experience guiding clients through various IT initiatives, including cloud adoption.
  • Application Centric Cloud: Enable more agile development, deployment, and operation of applications with DevOps efficiency.
  • IT Transformation Strategy: Use cloud to accelerate your delivery as an IT-as-a-Service organization.

Cloud Selection Services

Make your selection of private, hybrid, or public (infrastructure as a service [IaaS], platform as a service [PaaS], or software as a service [SaaS]) for your application, vendor negotiation and selection, and acquisition of assets and services.

  • Cloud On-Boarding Acceleration: Determine suitability of your IT applications for the cloud.
  • Cloud Consumption Services: Gain complete visibility of your public cloud use (which is usually 5 to 10 times more than what IT knows about).

Cloud Architecture Services

Get the right service for your secure, compliant, available architecture, implementation, and testing.

  • Cloud Plan and Build: Set up your cloud architecture (infrastructure, automation, operations enablement) as a complete cloud solution that is specific to your needs.
  • Cloud Optimization Service: Evolve your Cisco data center environment to support business growth, deliver next-generation services, and maintain a competitive advantage while transforming IT.
  • Cisco Quickstart Private Cloud: Deploy validated end-to-end IaaS in your environment and put the ownership of cloud services back in the hands of IT.
  • Plan and Build Cisco Cloud Architecture for Microsoft Cloud Platform: Deploy customized cloud solutions, including Cisco and Microsoft technologies that provide end-to-end IaaS and PaaS in your environment, and put the ownership of cloud services back in the hands of IT.
  • Cisco Application Integration Service: Employ Cisco Integration Platform to develop (create, integrate, and customize) key business solutions by combining cloud and noncloud-based applications.

Cloud Automation and Orchestration Services

Automate, orchestrate, and provision your data center with Cisco technologies for private, public, and hybrid cloud.

Cloud Migration Services

Use application assessment services for cloud migration and workload migration (P2V and V2V) from data center to public, or public to public.

  • Application Dependency Mapping: Get an in-depth understanding of hardware and software targeted for migration to the cloud to minimize risks associated with data center initiatives and reduce TCO.
  • Cloud Onboarding: Migrate workloads and data from your data center to the public cloud or from one public cloud to another public cloud.

Cloud Management and Consumption Services

Use services for ongoing management and maintenance of systems, cloud consumptions, analytics, and operations enablement for policies, processes, people, and tools.

  • Cisco Operations Transformation Service: Transform end-to-end operations capabilities required to effectively and efficiently provide and support cloud-based services and solutions based on Cisco, partner, and third-party technologies.
  • Cisco Cloud Services for Data Center: Enable faster adoption, lower costs, and increased availability for converged infrastructure, SAP HANA appliances, and Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solutions.
  • Cisco Metacloud: Obtain a fully functional, on-premises deployment of a private cloud that you consume as a service.