Security Certifications

The Cisco Certified Security Specialist certification programs are practical, relevant, job-ready security certifications aligned closely with the specific tasks expected of network security professionals.

Successful candidates can attain the following Security Specialist Certifications:

Product Literature

Techniques to optimize these technologies into a single, integrated network security solution are highlighted. Additionally, the Cisco Security Specialist certification programs offer an incremental way to develop security skills over a period of time that also allows for alignment to Cisco CCNP Security certification. The curriculum emphasizes the real-world best practices of network security engineering, utilizing the following products:

The program is a three-year certification program intended to recognize the Cisco network security specialists who have the necessary skills to test, deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco network security appliances and Cisco IOS Software devices that establish the security posture of the network. Prior to attempting the Cisco Network Security Specialist certification or any of its associated specializations, individuals must meet the requirements for the Cisco CCNA Security certification and have at least one to three years of experience in the field of network security.

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Cisco Channel Partners

Important information regarding Cisco Channel Partner specializations: Many of the Cisco specialist certifications are aligned to Channel Partner Specialization requirements. Channel Partner employees should access the Partner Education Connection to find the latest roadmaps and information as it pertains to Channel Partner certifications and requirements.

For a complete list of all available specialist certifications, please view the Specialist Certifications Index.

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