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The network needs you

We all learned a lot in 2020 – especially about the crucial role the network plays in our everyday lives. Users around the world depended on the Internet to work, meet, educate, play, and even order dinner. So if you’re thinking about changing careers, or new opportunities, think about IT.

Cisco is enhancing its candidate certification experience with the new simple sign-on process. Candidates can manage their certification journey from one central location.

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IT networking careers

Dependence on the network will only grow as organizations continue to build their resilience through the network. In fact, the estimated growth of global Internet users will reach 5.3 billion by 2023, and networked devices are estimated to grow to 29.3 billion, with 13.1 billion mobile connected devices.  

What does this mean to you?  Opportunities.

Is IT right for me?

Technology jobs are not just for techies anymore. If you’re detail-oriented, focused, and persistent, you could be a key player in the IT arena. Engineering and technology professionals are highly skilled at building and maintaining the infrastructures behind the networks we depend on every day. But those networks also need creative minds like yours in management, sales, marketing—maybe even coding and security. You can get started with Cisco associate-level certifications. Just imagine where it might lead.

Preparation is key

Cisco offers three Associate-level certifications to help you learn how to connect, secure and automate the networks that run the world.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Master the essentials including security, automation, and programmability for rewarding work in a broad range of roles.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate

Learn to harness the power of Cisco technology in your applications and user experiences.

Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate

Learn and certify your core knowledge of cybersecurity operations.

To earn your associate certification, you'll need to study, practice, and pass an exam.

Certifications matter… a lot

Technical certifications help you stand out from the competition, boost your salary and launch an exciting career.


IT professionals who obtained a new certification saw their salary increase by nearly $13,000. A strong indication that training and certifications pay off.1


99% of organizations surveyed use technical certifications to make hiring decisions.2

$54,250 - $78,500

Average salaries of NOC Technicians and Network/Cloud Engineers with little or no prior experience in current position.3

Here’s your chance to listen and learn from experts regarding in-demand tech skills, new careers and how to take advantage of those opportunities.

Register for this free, on-demand event to learn about:

  • Opportunities in IT networking.
  • Overview of roles and responsibilities.
  • New and transferrable skill sets.
  • How to get started.


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