Service Provider Medianet

Accelerate the transition from service provider to experience provider by evolving your network to a medianet.

A medianet is an intelligent network optimized for rich media that can help drive video strategy for enterprises, consumers and service providers. Cisco is the only company that, along with our partners, can address rich media from an end-to-end perspective by taking advantage of deep expertise in IP networking, video and consumer premise solutions.

Unprecedented Media Growth

Video traffic growth is undeniable. Based on the Cisco Visual Networking Index Study:

  • Global IP traffic will reach 44 exabytes per month by 2012 -- more than six times the total traffic in 2007
  • Nearly 90 percent of all consumer IP traffic in 2012 will be video

With robust broadband connectivity, the media consumption paradigms change. However, for service providers, the media distribution paradigm has a major impact on their networks.

Addressing the Challenges

In today’s media services paradigm, different media, services and infrastructure silos exist. In tomorrow’s media services paradigm, the medianet, a media-aware Cisco IP Next-Generation Network (NGN) will deliver all types of media with a single end-to-end architecture. Companies implementing a medianet can:

  • Eliminate service silos
  • Deliver more interactive, social, and personal video experiences
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Monetize the Connected Life

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To address the challenges faced by cable, telecommunications, broadcasters, and satellite providers, Cisco offers the most comprehensive IP video solution in the industry - the medianet.

A service provider medianet is based on the following technologies.

Transforming Video Experiences

  • Create personal, social, and interactive experiences for consumer differentiated experiences.
  • Help drive adoption rates of advanced video services.

Media-aware IP Next Generation Network (IP NGN)

  • Ensure quality of the consumer video experience, integrating video intelligence into the IP infrastructure.
  • Manage the rapid bandwidth growth due to video.


  • Enable the service provider to manage complexity and scale the infrastructure.
  • Enable faster and simultaneous introduction of new services in all geographic markets.
  • Enable the service provider to exponentially expand content and more efficiently manage bandwidth consumption.


  • Support monetization models beyond traditional video subscriber services, including online video, advanced advertising, and transaction-based and revenue-sharing opportunities.
  • Increase service velocity to rapidly rollout new services.