Cisco TelePresence for Healthcare

Improve Access and Quality of Care

Cisco TelePresence offers an intimate, person-to-person communication experience unbounded by distance or physical location. For healthcare professionals, TelePresence makes it easier and more convenient for clinicians to collaborate, regardless of location, thereby improving both the timeliness and quality of care delivered. For patients, TelePresence facilitates access to physicians and specialists from remote locations.

Cisco TelePresence is ideal for applications of telemedicine such as specialist or radiologist consults. It can transform the healthcare industry by:

  • Providing a new access model for healthcare
  • Adding new revenue for healthcare providers
  • Increasing physician efficiency
  • Reducing cost of care.

Case Studies

TelePresence Services

Using the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach, Cisco and its partners provide comprehensive services to help enterprises plan, design, implement, and operate their networks for the successful operation of Cisco TelePresence. These services are an integral part of ensuring the total customer experience.

Relevant Products and Solutions

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