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Miercom Evaluation: Cisco DNA vs Huawei

The network has evolved at record speed.  You can’t grow—much less innovate—with outdated, siloed hardware holding you back. It is now more critical than ever for IT to make sound investments that enable them to quickly respond to new business requirements.

For organizations to keep pace in a customer-first digital world, automation is essential. Cisco’s groundbreaking Intent-based Network, built on Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA), helps customers tackle their biggest network expense – operations – and frees up time for IT to focus on strategic projects.  Vendors lacking an automation platform across the network requires IT to spend significant time on network management, increasing their TCO.

Another challenge is the evolution of cyberattacks from a variety of sources across endpoints, network, cloud, and applications that continue to occur at alarming rates. Cisco is the only solution that turns the network into a sensor and an enforcer through simplified management and granular inspection across the network to accelerate security and consistently provision and enforce network access policy.

In a recent Miercom report published October 2017, the independent evaluation found that while Cisco and Huawei both offer what appears to be a comparable campus-wide, wireless and wired network infrastructure, the testing concluded that Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) offers significant advantages that Huawei does not:

Based on the results of this testing, comparing the campus wired and wireless network architectures and wares of Cisco and Huawei Technologies, we found many businesses enabling capabilities favoring the Cisco solution. We proudly award the Miercom Performance Verified Certification to Cisco’s campus-infrastructure network designs and related packages for monitoring, management, and control.

For full details and a deep dive on test results, download the report.