Benefit from Unified Communications

Benefit from Unified Communications

Companies are looking at Unified Communications to boost productivity and innovation both within their organizations and with customers, partners, and suppliers. Benefits of this approach include:

  • Enabling new collaboration models
  • Enriching traditional enterprise applications with communication capabilities
  • Eliminating communication and collaboration silos within critical business processes
  • Increasing both productivity and agility

In order to maximize the benefits of Unified Communications, you need a network infrastructure that builds in both intelligence and consistency.

A network designed using the Cisco Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) framework provides the best foundation for enterprisewide unified communications. Using such an architectural approach allows you to run multiple types of communications capabilities concurrently and reliably. It also offers security services, such as identity management and data encryption.

A key advantage is that you can build on these services, creating business processes that support collaboration in ways that help your company grow and maintain its competitive advantage.


Cathay Pacific Shifts EA Culture
(Video - 03:08 min)
Cathay Pacific's flexible, responsive enterprise architecture responds to the demands of the business by providing ROI one project at a time.

Better Together: SONA and Unified Communications
Learn how your network can support the innovative composite applications that will fuel the next wave of enterprise productivity.

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