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Catalyst Access Switches Help You Build a Borderless Business

Cisco Catalyst access switching and wireless LAN solutions, part of the Cisco Borderless Networks architecture help deliver agile services and applications to manage, secure and govern your network.

Ease of Operations

Cisco access switches allow your network to adapt and support new application deployments to meet changing business needs. A 10-Gigabit upgrade with the Network Module helps with scalability while protecting your existing investments. The switches also support Catalyst Smart Operations features that help automate infrastructure deployment.

Borderless Security

Strengthen your control over wired and wireless access to your network. Cisco access switches provide end-to-end security using identity-based policy and threat intelligence capabilities. TrustSec helps secure networks with policy-based access control while MACsec provides hardware encryption for a higher level of security.

Borderless Experience

Cisco access switching provides the service intelligence and performance required for business-grade video and other revenue-generating services.

Cisco network access makes borderless mobility possible with a unified approach to wired and wireless services, such as location awareness, to enhance application performance. Power over Ethernet Plus helps ensure compatibility with future versions for deployment of next generation high power devices.


Catalyst switching solutions help implement greener practices with measurable power efficiency, integrated services, and Cisco EnergyWise, an innovative technology for company-wide energy management. StackPower on Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Switches provides high-availability and operational efficiency.

When the network knows, your business can fully adapt to dynamic market conditions.

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Make Your Network Efficient, Reliable, and Secure

As your business grows, innovative LAN switch designs can protect your network investments and prepare you for the future.

At A Glance

Local-area network (LAN) access switches provide high-speed connectivity, applications, and communications systems that efficiently and securely manage bandwidth-intensive data, voice, video, and wireless applications.

To meet evolving network needs, Cisco Catalyst switch designs include these features:

  • Application Intelligence
    This helps networks recognize many types of applications and secure and prioritize those applications to provide the best user experience.
  • Unified Network Services
    Combining the best elements of wireless and wired networking allow you to consistently connect to any resource or person with any device. 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology support new applications and devices.
  • Nonstop Communications
    Features such as redundant hardware, and non-stop forwarding and stateful switch over (NSF/SSO) technology support more reliable connections. StackPower on Cisco Catalyst 3750-X switches provides high-availability and operational efficiency .
  • Integrated Security
    LAN switches provide the first line of defense against internal network attacks and prevent unauthorized intrusion. TrustSec helps secure networks with policy-based access control while MACsec provides hardware encryption for a higher level of security.
  • Operational Manageability
    To more easily manage the network, IT staff must be able to remotely configure and monitor network devices from a central location. Catalyst Smart Operations features help automate infrastructure deployment.

Featured Case Study

  1. Rising to the High-bandwidth Demands of an Evolving Academia

    University of Plymouth uses Cisco switching solutions to provide excellence and innovation in teaching.

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