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Business Critical Services

Discover the power of expertise, analytics and insights to increase performance and transform IT.

Reduce risk, accelerate transformation and help ensure optimal results.

Cisco Business Critical Services (BCS) lets you harness the power of Cisco's experts combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Achieve your business outcomes faster with a highly secure, efficient and agile framework.


With you at every stage of your journey

No matter where you are in your lifecycle draw upon expert advice, from strategic roadmap development, implementation and adoption to continuous optimization and innovation.

Assistance across your IT landscape

Empower each of your teams to perform and transform, faster. Draw upon dedicated Cisco expertise, aligned to each IT function, to innovate and enhance efficiency.

Fast access to experts

Rapid engagement means rapid progress. Prioritized access to expert guidance will enable your teams to optimize, migrate and reduce risk - for faster transformation and innovation across the organization.

Key features


Reach optimum reliability, decrease OpEx, protect revenue. Fingerprinting applies machine learning on a global scale to identify specific risks, crash probability and possible performance degradation.

Compliance automation

Identify network devices that don’t meet software compliance standards. Upgrade non-compliant devices in bulk with proprietary network automation tools.

Near real-time analytics

Identify deficiencies, uncover potential risks and receive recommendations to resolve issues. Business Critical Insights offers ongoing analysis of your infrastructure and application environment.

Take advantage of Business Critical Insights Portal

Get an ongoing analysis of your Cisco infrastructure and application environment to identify deficiencies, potential risks, and associated recommendations.

Improve network performance

Get a deeper understanding of where infrastructure and application issues may be hiding and what actions you need to take to improve IT environment performance.

Reduce downtime

Decrease outages with near-real-time data that helps predict issues before a disruption occurs. Spot and address problems faster and keep downtime to a minimum.

Reduce security vulnerabilities

Quickly identify threats, reduce security vulnerabilities, and prioritize issues with a portal designed specifically to meet your data integrity and security requirements.

Boost operational efficiency

View your IT health at a glance. Quickly fix problems before they become an issue and create ongoing strategies to maximize operational efficiency.

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