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Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series Switches

Simplicity, flexibility, and security

Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series switches provide simplicity, flexibility, and security for smaller networks preparing for growth. With a wide range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) and port combinations, these easy-to-manage switches fit the needs of networks with up to 250 users and lean IT support.

Features and benefits

Quiet and compact

The compact, fanless design means Catalyst 1000 switches can hide in plain sight in open-plan spaces.

Flexible deployment

Increase network reliability by stacking up to eight switches over distances, such as across different buildings on a campus.

Secure your network

With larger-scale access-control tables and additional security features, you can segment traffic for greater security.​

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

With a range of PoE options featuring Perpetual PoE, installing IoT devices is as easy as plugging in a cable.

Compare Catalyst 1000 Series models

The Catalyst 1000 Series switch platform provides a range of options to fulfill almost any small-business network’s requirements. All models include an easy-to-use web UI for configuration, management, and monitoring. The fixed-managed models provide further customization capabilities, through a command-line interface (CLI). 

Catalyst 1000 fixed managed switches

  • 8, 16, 24, or 48 ports of 1-Gigabit Ethernet
  • Customizable with full CLI
  • 2 SFP, 4 SFP, or 4 SFP+ uplinks
  • Data, limited PoE, partial PoE, and full PoE
  • Fanless, with up to 50°C operations
  • Front-panel stacking

Catalyst 1000 Smart Managed switches

  • 8, 16, 24, or 48 ports of 1-Gigabit Ethernet
  • Graphical UI for management
  • 2 SFP, 4 SFP, or 4 SFP+ uplinks
  • Data, limited PoE, partial PoE, and full PoE

Intuitive software for monitoring your network

You can manage all your Cisco Catalyst IOS switches with Cisco Configuration Professional, a web-based application for monitoring and optimizing your devices and getting contextual support.

Why upgrade to Catalyst 1000 switches

Improved hardware reliability

  • Extended temperature range (-5° to 50°C)
  • Surge and lightning protection
  • IP20-rated

Advanced software options

  • Horizontal stacking
  • sFlow and IPFIX
  • IPv6 First-Hop Security

Expanded ACL support

  • Larger-scale access-control tables

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