Meet Eloise Koullapis,

Network Engineer

"If you work hard, you can accomplish just about anything"

Eloise's story

Where it all began

I started my career as an engineer working on projects that involved the physical connectivity of networks. During times when the network was slow, I met senior engineers, who introduced me to advanced topics like Quality of Service and how this improved network performance. I thought that was so cool. I asked how I could become qualified to do this type of work. That’s when I was introduced to Cisco Certifications.


London, England

A passion to learn, share and lead

At work, I lead a group of women in technology. I’m very passionate about helping others. For instance, since I’ve been promoted to network engineer, I’ve wanted to show people if you work hard, you can accomplish just about anything.

In this spirit, I started a blog and Instagram page, where I share what I’m learning as I develop my networking skills and continue my Cisco Certification journey. The connections I’ve made, and their support, have been tremendous. For instance, when I failed my Cisco Certification exam last year, my community really helped me to realize it was okay. We all have our failures (or, as I like to say, score a “not yet”). I learned how to be open to setbacks, which has been a huge life lesson for me.

Now, as I develop my networking skills and gain experience, I plan to add more technical content to my blog. I want to share what I’ve learned about where the industry is and where I need to go.

How has being a Cisco Certification holder changed your life?

“I know people who don’t discover Cisco certifications until later in their careers, and certifications still profoundly changed their lives.”

I used to think if I work hard and people can see my work, I’d be fine. Now I realize the power of having a Cisco certification.

Thanks to Cisco Certifications, I have a great career and financial stability. I come from humble beginnings, but now, I can afford to travel, support my family, and do more for more people. These are all things I could never do before.

What advice would you give a friend pursuing Cisco certifications?

Being a network engineer is a great career. Do it! Don’t delay.

Yes, it’s hard, but not impossible. Make sure to find a community that will provide support and help for you along the way.

And don’t be shy about asking questions and reaching out to anyone you think can help you.

What would you tell your younger self?

“If you’re giving it your all, that’s enough. Trust yourself and continue to move forward, having the patience to stay the course. If you’re working hard and have a direction, things will work out for you.”

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