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Cisco at KubeCon
EU/Virtual 2020

Deploy. Connect. Secure…Anywhere.

Making cloud native enterprise-ready.

Thank you for joining for KubeCon EU/Virtual 2020.

We hope you had the opportunity to explore our solutions and offerings to help you along on your journey to going, cloud native.

If you did not attend or visit our virtual booth, you can access our sessions, technical demos, and additional resources here. 

Get highlights on Cisco's participation at KubeCon EU/Virtual 2020

From presentations and demos to the latest technology that we bring to the community.

Keynote session

Network, Please Evolve: Chapter 3, Stretching Out

Cloud Native has become a synonym for scalable and reliable distributed applications. And a well-behaved, distributed system is synonymous with a highly-available, consumable, and composable Network.

Over the past two chapters of our evolutionary tale, we have discussed the need for the Network to evolve beyond the 35-year-old concepts that still define it to this day. And we have demonstrated, through a real-world database (Vitess) use case, the developmental and operational power and simplicity this new paradigm delivers.

In this new chapter, we will discuss how we can stretch these capabilities all the way into the enterprise, edge compute location, or a branch, and show how it eases the life of a developer building a new cloud native app.

Vijoy Pandey

Vice President and CTO of Cloud, Cisco 

Speaking sessions

Multicloud Vitess over Network Service Mesh

This talk will describe using Network Service Mesh to create a private L3 network between Kubernetes clusters in different cloud providers to seamlessly deploy multiple Vitess cells across them. We will describe a multicloud Vitess use case and walk through the deployment details, highlighting the networking requirements in the process. We will describe NSM’s inter-domain feature and multicloud capabilities and a network service, which fulfills the Vitess multicloud networking requirements by dynamically forming a common private L3 routing domain to interconnect specific workloads hosted in multiple clouds.

Tim Swanson

Senior Technical Leader, Cisco

John Watson

Site Reliability Engineer, PlanetScale

MLPerf Meets Kubernetes

Kubeflow is maturing as a cloud native Machine Learning (ML) platform that simplifies the journey of development, deployment, and management of ML on Kubernetes. As Kubeflow gets increasingly adopted, practitioners are looking beyond functions and starting to explore its performance and cost-efficiency in the real world. MLPerf is a state-of-the-art benchmark suite that aims to set an industry standard for end-to-end performance evaluation of ML systems with real-world workloads covering both training and inference phases of ML lifecycle. This talk will provide a brief overview about MLPerf, followed by detailed discussions about how MLPerf can be adapted to evaluate ML performance on Kubeflow and Kubernetes, as well as how the performance results can be leveraged to guide the future design and optimization of cloud native ML platforms based on Kubeflow and Kubernetes.

Xinyuan Huang

Technical Leader, Cisco

Elvira Dzhuraeva

Technical Product Engineer AI/ML, Cisco

Our technical demos and presentations are available on-demand.


The key topics covered in our technical demos include:

  • How Cisco Intersight SaaS enables complete life-cycle management of enterprise-ready Kubernetes clusters running anywhere
  • CN SD-WAN integrations in action and how enhanced application experience can be achieved
  • What the workload-personalized networking future looks like with Network Service Mesh
  • Tetration for security and policy as part of your DevOps culture by using the tools and platform your developer already uses
  • Using AppDynamics to deploy and monitor scalable services in Kubernetes to streamline your operations


Our industry-leading expertise in enterprise IT, including networking, security, management, analytics, and hyperconverged infrastructure uniquely positions Cisco to deliver solutions enabling our customers in a multicloud world.

We are dedicated to working with public cloud providers and a global ecosystem of more than 60,000 partners, one million network engineers, and 500,000 DevNet developers. 


Introduction to Cloud Native SD-WAN | October 15, 2020

Break free of proprietary limitations to realize the potential of 5G with a Cisco open, cloud-native architecture.

Developer DevNetZone

DevNet is Cisco’s developer program where developers and partners can connect, experiment, and innovate using Cisco technologies, products, and APIs. DevNet consists of technology innovations, software platforms, and tools needed to reach the full promise of the Software-Driven Enterprise. Our goal is to build the community of enterprise developers and innovators using DevNet’s key principles: learn, code, inspire, and connect – join us!

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