Network Convergence System 1002


This software release has reached end-of-life status. For more information, see the End-of-Life and End-of-Sale Notices.


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The Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 1002 is a 2-RU system that delivers fully programmable, high-bandwidth capacity (up to 250 Gbps) wavelengths over distances exceeding 3000 km using existing fiber. Powered by the industry-leading Cisco IOS XR operating system, Cisco NCS 1002 offers robust functions such as third party application hosting, machine-to-machine interface, and telemetry.

NCS 1002 delivers the following benefits:

  • Supports up to 2 Tbps capacity.

  • Transports 100, 200, or 250Gbps per wavelength on the same platform through software provisioning.

  • Transports 10 GE, 40 GE, and 100 GE on the same platform through software provisioning.

  • Supports grid-less tuning for flex-grid dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM).

  • Supports different modulation formats (PM-QPSK or PM-16QAM).

  • Supports 7% or 20% Soft Decision (SD) FEC for maximum optical performance.

  • Allows for automated installation, configuration, and monitoring.

  • Supports Machine-to-machine (M2M) APIs based on YANG models for ease of configuration.

  • Supports a telemetry agent for a pub-sub model of device monitoring.

This latest release of Cisco IOS XR operating system opens up the architecture of Cisco IOS XR using a 64-bit Linux-based operating system to deliver greater agility, automation, and simplicity, while reducing the cost of operating the networks.

The innovations in this release enable incremental builds, agile workflows, and modular delivery of software, while also offering the capability to host third-party applications on Cisco routers. These innovations deliver these benefits by enabling traditional and web service providers to converge their data centers and wide area network (WAN) architectures, by making networks more programmable, and by facilitating tighter integration with popular IT configuration and management tools.

For all the versions of the Release Notes for Cisco NCS 1002, see the Release Notes URL.

Software Features Introduced in Release 6.2.1

These are the software features for the release 6.2.1.

10G/40G Support for MACsec

10G and 40G client rates are supported in slices configured in encrypted mode.

To configure the slices with 10G and 40G client rates, see the Configuring MACsec Encryption chapter in the Configuration Guide for Cisco NCS 1002 `.


The user can create a GMPLS optical channel trail (OCH Trail) in a network where the NCS 1002 node is connected to a NCS 2000 series node. The OCH trail circuit originates from a NCS 1002 trunk interface (UNI-C) on the source NCS 1002 node and terminates on the NCS 2000 series interface (UNI-N) on the destination NCS 2000 series node to create an optical connection. In a ROADM network, the wavelengths can be automatically configured using GMPLS UNI. GMPLS UNI is supported only on the 100G and 200G trunk ports of the NCS 1002 node.

To configure GMPLS UNI, see the Configuring GMPLS UNI chapter in the Configuration Guide for Cisco NCS 1002 `.

Open Config Optical Model

The Open Config (OC) model is a cross-connect model that provides a unique way to provision the Cisco NCS 1002 using YANG models that are defined for configuration data and operational data. The gRPC (google-defined Remote Procedure Calls) and NETCONF (Network Configuration Protocol) communication protocols are used to establish connection between the client and Cisco NCS1002. Using Open Config Data models, the user can configure the slices to send the traffic with the following client rates and trunk rates.

  • 10Gx100G
  • 10Gx200G
  • 40Gx100G
  • 40Gx200G
  • 100Gx100G
  • 100Gx200G
  • 100Gx250G

To configure the slices with different client rates and trunk rates using Terminal-device model, see the Terminal-device Model chapter in the Data Models Configuration Guide for the Cisco NCS 1002.

Smart Licensing Support

Smart Licensing support is introduced in Cisco NCS1002 for Release 6.2.1. The following features can be enabled on Cisco NCS1002 using licenses:

  • Configuring a slice with 200G DWDM traffic.
  • Configuring a slice with 200G/250G DWDM traffic.
  • Configuring a slice with encryption.
  • Configuring streaming telemetry data.

To configure smart licensing, see the Smart Licensing chapter in the Configuration Guide for Cisco NCS 1002.


The PLL-FAIL-SLICE alarm is supported in the release 6.2.1.

To clear this alarm and to know the cause and effect, see the Alarm Troubleshooting chapter in the Troubleshooting Guide for Cisco NCS 1002.

MACsec Performance

Frame Size Line Rate (%)
64 72.41
128 82
256 89.6
iMIX 90.57
512 94.32
1024 97.02
1518 97.95
9000 99.64

Security Enhancements

The key security enhancements for the release 6.2.1 are:


Security Enhancements

Cisco NCS 1000 Series

  • Restricts the non-privileged users to read, write and execute the files available in the protected folders, using "../" indirections.

  • Restricts the non-privileged users to read the content of the sensitive directories.

Release 6.2.1 Packages for Cisco NCS 1002

Feature Set



Composite Package

Cisco IOS XR Core Bundle + Manageability Package


Contains required core packages, including OS, Admin, Base, Forwarding, SNMP Agent, FPD, and Alarm Correlation and Netconf-yang, Telemetry, Extensible Markup Language (XML) Parser, HTTP server packages.

Individually-Installable Optional Packages

Cisco IOS XR Security Package


Support for Encryption, Decryption, IP Security (IPSec), Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and Public-key infrastructure (PKI).

Determine Software Version

Log in to NCS 1002 and enter the show version command:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:ios# show version
Thu Mar 23 12:43:00.679 UTC
Cisco IOS XR Software, Version 6.2.1
Copyright (c) 2013-2017 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Build Information:
 Built By     : xxxxx
 Built On     : Sat Mar 11 14:32:51 PST 2017
 Build Host   : iox-lnx-063
 Workspace    : /auto/srcarchive17/production/6.2.1/ncs1k/workspace
 Version      : 6.2.1
 Location     : /opt/cisco/XR/packages/
cisco NCS-1002 () processor
System uptime is 7 hours, 56 minutes

Determine Firmware Support

Log in to NCS 1002 and enter the show hw-module fpd command:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:ios#show hw-module fpd
Wed Aug 12 13:14:43.467 IST
FPD Versions
Location Card type    HWver  FPD device         ATR    Status    Running Programd
0/0      NCS1002-K9   1.2    CDSP_PORT_05              CURRENT   3.77    3.77
0/0      NCS1002-K9   1.2    CDSP_PORT_06              CURRENT   3.77    3.77
0/0      NCS1002-K9   1.2    CDSP_PORT_12              CURRENT   3.77    3.77
0/0      NCS1002-K9   1.2    CDSP_PORT_13              CURRENT   3.77    3.77
0/0      NCS1002-K9   1.2    CDSP_PORT_19              CURRENT   3.77    3.77
0/0      NCS1002-K9   1.2    CDSP_PORT_20              CURRENT   3.77    3.77
0/0      NCS1002-K9   1.2    CDSP_PORT_26              CURRENT   3.77    3.77
0/0      NCS1002-K9   1.2    CDSP_PORT_27              CURRENT   3.77    3.77
0/0      NCS1002-K9   2.0    CFP2_PORT_05              CURRENT   4.40    4.40
0/0      NCS1002-K9   2.1    CFP2_PORT_06              CURRENT   5.52    5.52
0/0      NCS1002-K9   2.1    CFP2_PORT_12              CURRENT   5.52    5.52
0/0      NCS1002-K9   0.0    CFP2_PORT_13              CURRENT   1.01    1.01
0/0      NCS1002-K9   2.1    CFP2_PORT_19              CURRENT   5.52    5.52
0/0      NCS1002-K9   2.1    CFP2_PORT_20              CURRENT   5.52    5.52
0/0      NCS1002-K9   4.2    CFP2_PORT_26              CURRENT   3.20    3.20
0/0      NCS1002-K9   2.1    CFP2_PORT_27              CURRENT   5.52    5.52
0/0      NCS1002-K9   0.1    CTRL_BKP_LOW       B      CURRENT   2.23
0/0      NCS1002-K9   0.1    CTRL_BKP_UP        B      CURRENT   2.23
0/0      NCS1002-K9   0.1    CTRL_FPGA_LOW             CURRENT   2.23    2.23
0/0      NCS1002-K9   0.1    CTRL_FPGA_UP              CURRENT   2.23    2.23
0/RP0    NCS1K-CNTLR  0.1    BIOS_Backup        BS     CURRENT   15.10
0/RP0    NCS1K-CNTLR  0.1    BIOS_Primary       S      CURRENT   15.10   15.10
0/RP0    NCS1K-CNTLR  0.1    Daisy_Duke_BKP     BS     CURRENT   0.20
0/RP0    NCS1K-CNTLR  0.1    Daisy_Duke_FPGA    S      CURRENT   0.20    0.20
0/PM0    NCS1K-2KW-AC 0.0    PO-PriMCU                 CURRENT   4.00    4.00
0/PM1    NCS1K-2KW-AC 0.0    PO-PriMCU                 CURRENT

The above show output lists the hardware components that are supported in current release with their status. The status of the hardware must be CURRENT; Running and Programd version must be similar.

Open Caveats for NCS 1002

Table 1. Caveats for 6.2.2

Caveat ID Number



SCP upgrade to be attempted first before upgrading CFP2.


Optics Module in pmengine-oper yang model is leading to errors in Telemetry data collection group.


Syslog messges should print the entitlements which are out of compliance instead of generic message.


Syslogs generated by smartlicserver component are not getting forwarded to external syslog receivers.


HundredGigE controllers are having syncloss continously after mxp process shutdown and start.


NCS1002: Raw_ip process crash on deactivating optional packages.


NCS1002: Fec config is getting deleted on process restart of mxp_driver.


Daisy_Duke_FPGA did not come out of RLOAD REQ state after 0/RP0 reload.


Fault-condition value is False in OC-plat data streamed via MDT though there is active alarm on port.


Device is stuck at secure boot after RP0 reload or during software upgrades.


MACsec controllers missing after deactivate k9sec pkg (impacts traffic).

Table 2. Caveats for 6.2.1

Caveat ID Number


CSCvb05348 Show environment query gives UI memory leak on calvados.
CSCvb35537 SU: 5I results in calvados down and XR VM is stuck.
CSCvc87520 SRLG Record Update failed after SRLG change in NCS2k network.
CSCvd00980 Lane3/4 Tx power comes up after upgrade hw-module 10Gige encrypted.
CSCvc96326 PCI extender is not detected after hw-module shutdown and CPU OIR.
CSCvd53081 Controller description is deleted after SU from 36i to 6.2.1 renumbered image.
CSCvc96326 Install operation 21 failed during Install SU XR-dev[621-31I].
CSCvd38119 Laser and traffic ON with Shut optics controllers after upgrade reprovision slice.