Cisco Prime Infrastructure is a network management tool that supports lifecycle management of your entire network infrastructure from one graphical interface. Prime Infrastructure provides network administrators with a single solution for provisioning, monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting both wired and wireless devices. Robust graphical interfaces make device deployments and operations simple and cost-effective.


If your existing Prime Infrastructure is 3.6.x or 3.7.x, and your upgrade path contains 3.4.x or earlier versions, then you cannot in-line upgrade that server to Prime Infrastructure 3.8 due to security vulnerabilities in the underlying Red Hat 6 installation. You will need to take a backup of the Prime Infrastructure 3.6.x or 3.7.x server, deploy a fresh Prime Infrastructure 3.8 server, and restore that backup into the Prime Infrastructure 3.8 server.

Submitting Feedback

Your feedback will help us improve the quality of our product. You must configure the email server and then enable data collection to configure the feedback tool. To send your feedback, follow these steps:


Step 1

If you have configured your mail server, go to Step 4.

Step 2

Choose Administration > Settings > System Settings > Mail and Notification > Mail Server Configuration.

Step 3

In the Mail Server Configuration page, enter the mail server details, then click Save to save the configuration settings.

Step 4

Choose Administration > Settings > System Settings > General > Help Us Improve.

Step 5

In the Help Us Improve Cisco Products page, select Yes, collect data periodically, then click Save.

Step 6

Click the Settings icon, then select Feedback > I wish this page would.

Step 7

Enter your feedback, then click OK.

Supported Devices

To see the list of devices supported in this release of Prime Infrastructure:


Step 1

Log in to Prime Infrastructure.

Step 2

Click the wheel icon at the top right, then click Supported Devices.

What to do next

For detailed information on the software compatibility for the Cisco wireless devices, see the following URL:


Prime Infrastructure does not support non-admin virtual device context (VDC) on Nexus devices.

Supported Wireless LAN Controller Hardware Models

Table 1 lists the Prime Infrastructure supported devices for switches, WLCs, Access Points (APs), ISEs, and MSEs.

Table 1. Supported Device Matrix for Switches, Cisco WLC, MSE, ISE, and AP

Supported Switches

Supported Controllers

Supported MSE Devices

Supported ISE Devices

Supported Lightweight APs

Supported Autonomous APs

Catalyst 3560 Series Switches [Cisco IOS Release 12.2(50)SE]

Catalyst 3650 Series Ethernet Stackable Switch*

Catalyst 3750 Switches [Cisco IOS Release 12.2(50)SE]

Catalyst 3850 Series Ethernet Stackable Switch*

Catalyst 4500 Switches [Cisco IOS Release 12.2(50)SG]*

Catalyst 6500 Switches [Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SXI] and [Cisco IOS XE 03.07.00.E]

Cisco NAM 2304 Appliance

Cisco NAM 2320 Appliance

Cisco IE 2000 Series Switches.

Catalyst 9800-40 Wireless Controller

Catalyst 9800-80 Wireless Controller

Catalyst 9800-CL Wireless Controller for Cloud

Catalyst 9800-L-C Wireless Controller

Catalyst 9800-L-F Wireless Controller

Cisco 3504 Wireless Controller

Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller

Cisco 8510 Wireless Controller

Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller

Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller

Cisco 4400 Series Wireless Controllers

Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller

Cisco Flex 7510 Wireless Controllers

Cisco Virtual Controller

Cisco Wireless Service Module (WiSM)

Cisco Wireless Service Module 2 (WiSM2)

Cisco Wireless Controller on Cisco Services-Ready Engine (WLCM2 on SRE)

Catalyst 3750G Integrated Wireless LAN Controller

Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN Controller

The following Cisco Mobility Express Controllers are supported:

  • Cisco Catalyst IW6300 Access Points

  • Cisco 6300 Embedded Services Access Points

  • Cisco Aironet 4800 AP

  • Cisco Aironet 2800 AP

  • Cisco Aironet 3800 AP

  • Cisco Aironet 1850 AP

  • Cisco Aironet 1830 AP

  • Cisco 1815 Series Controllers

  • Cisco 1540 Series Controllers

  • Cisco 1560 Series Controllers

Cisco CMX

Cisco 3375 Appliance for CMX

Cisco MSE

Cisco MSE 3365 (physical) Appliance

Cisco MSE Virtual Appliance





Cisco ISE 2.6

Cisco ISE 2.4

Cisco ISE 2.3

Cisco ISE 2.2

Cisco ISE 2.1

Cisco ISE 2.0

Cisco ISE 1.4 with the required patch1

Cisco ISE 1.3

Cisco ISE 1.2

Cisco 6300 Series Embedded Services Access Points (ESW6300)

Cisco Catalyst IW6300 DCW Heavy Duty AP

Cisco Catalyst IW6300 AC Heavy Duty AP

Cisco Catalyst IW6300 DC Heavy Duty AP

Cisco Catalyst 9130AXE AP

Cisco Catalyst 9130AXI AP

Cisco Catalyst 9120AXI AP

Cisco Catalyst 9120AXE AP

Cisco Catalyst 9120AXP AP

Cisco Catalyst 9115AXE AP

Cisco Catalyst 9115AXI AP

Cisco Catalyst 9117AXI AP

Cisco Aironet 4800 AP

Cisco Aironet 3800i AP

Cisco Aironet 3800e AP

Cisco Aironet 3800p AP

Cisco Aironet 3700i AP

Cisco Aironet 3700e AP

Cisco Aironet 3700p AP

Cisco Aironet IW 3700 AP

Cisco Aironet 3600i AP

Cisco Aironet 3600e AP

Cisco Aironet 3600p AP

Cisco Aironet 3500i AP

Cisco Aironet 3500e AP

Cisco Aironet 3500p AP

Cisco Aironet 2800i AP

Cisco Aironet 2800e AP

Cisco Aironet 2700i AP

Cisco Aironet 2700e AP

Cisco Aironet 2700p AP

Cisco Aironet 2600i AP

Cisco Aironet 2600e AP

Cisco Aironet 1850i AP

Cisco Aironet 1850e AP

Cisco Aironet 1840I AP

Cisco Aironet 1830i AP

Cisco Aironet 1815i AP

Cisco Aironet 1815w AP

Cisco Aironet 1815t AP

Cisco Aironet 1815m AP

Cisco Aironet 1810 OfficeExtend Series AP

Cisco Aironet 1810w AP

Cisco Aironet 1800i AP

Cisco Aironet 1700i AP

Cisco Aironet 1700E AP

Cisco Aironet 1600i AP

Cisco Aironet 1600e AP

Cisco Aironet 1572IC AP

Cisco Aironet 1572EAC AP

Cisco Aironet 1572EC AP

Cisco Aironet 1562I AP

Cisco Aironet 1562E AP

Cisco Aironet 1562D AP

Cisco Aironet 1562 PS AP

Cisco Aironet 1552C AP

Cisco Aironet 1552CU AP

Cisco Aironet 1552E AP

Cisco Aironet 1552EU AP

Cisco Aironet 1552H AP

Cisco Aironet 1542I AP

Cisco Aironet 1542D AP

Cisco Aironet 1532I AP

Cisco Aironet 1200 AP

Cisco Aironet 1140 AP

Cisco Aironet 1130 AG AP

Cisco Aironet 1040 AP

Cisco Aironet 700 AP

Cisco Aironet 702W AP

Cisco Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend AP

Cisco Aironet 3700 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 3600 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 3500 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 2700 Series AP

Cisco Aironet 2600 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1700 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1600 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1550 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1530 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1570 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1260 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1140 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1040 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 700W APs

Cisco Aironet 702I Series APs

Cisco Aironet 800 Series ISR

Cisco Aironet 1310 and 1410 Bridges,

Cisco IW3700 series APs.

1 If you are using Cisco ISE 1.4, you must have the patch ise-patchbundle-, which you can get from the following location: .

*Also acts as Cisco Wireless Controller.

New Features and Enhancements

This section provides a brief description of new features and enhancements in this release. For more information about the features and benefits, as well as hardware and software specifications, see the Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.8 Data Sheet at:


Inventory Enhancements

  • Inventory > Device Management > Network Devices - You can now view the model numbers of the devices in the Network Devices screen. Click the settings icon at the top right corner, expand the Columns menu and select the Model Number option.

  • Inventory > Device Management > Discovery - Options to Export and Refresh are introduced in the Discovery Job Instances section.


Access Points Enhancements

  • Prime Infrastructure 3.8 introduces support for:

    • Managing the inventory and life cycle management of the new 11AX Access Point (Axel-9130 series).

    • Managing the 9120 and 9130 series access points with an external Self-identifying Antenna (SIA).

    • Configuring the Fast Locate feature on Vancouver and Axel Access Points (9120 and 9130 series Access Points).

    • Configuring Target Wake Time (TWT) feature on 11AX Access Points by enabling the Target Wakeup Time and Target Wakeup Time Broadcast checkboxes.

    • Downlink Multi User-Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) on 11AX Access Points.

Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Enhancements

  • Prime Infrastructure now allows you to manage the inventory and life cycle management of the new 11AX Access Point (Axel-9130 series) on Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers.

  • Prime Infrastructure now allows you to manage the inventory and life cycle management of the new IW3702 Access Point (Zephyr) on Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers.

  • Prime Infrastructure now allows you to manage the inventory and life cycle management of the new IOT Access Point (Duplo) on Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers.

  • Prime Infrastructure now allows you to manage BSS Coloring feature on Salt Spring and Vancouver Access Points (11AX) starting from 17.1 Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controllers except C9117 Access Point. You can enable this feature by selecting the BSS Color checkbox in the 11ax Parameters section.

  • Configuration > Wireless Technologies > Cisco Catalyst 9800 Configuration > WLAN Profile > Advanced-A new option, Allow Private Group, is added as a part of the Peer to Peer Blocking drop-down list.


  • Reports > Report Launch Pad > Device - A new report type, Third Party Device Details Report, is added. You can create a new Third Party Device Details Report by clicking the New button.

Important Notes

This section contains important notes about Prime Infrastructure.

  • When you upgrade from Prime Infrastructure 3.7 to 3.8.1 Update 01 or 3.9, if you need support for Catalyst 9800 16.12.x, you need to enable backward compatibility. For more information, see Enable Backward Compatibility between Catalyst 9800 WLC Devices and Prime Infrastructure 3.9.

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure does not support Data Center from Release 3.7. For more information see End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco Prime Infrastructure Data Center.

  • Editing the schedule of an already-scheduled job will change the status of that job to Pending for Approval since each edit requires an approval from the user who created the job.

  • You must disable and enable the syslog forwarding feature and then refresh the page if Prime Infrastructure is not able to forward Syslogs to the remote server. If the issue persists, restart Prime Infrastructure.

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure does not support monitoring for Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) module, because ACE has been moved to end-of-life and does not respond to related monitoring MIBs.

  • In Prime Infrastructure after backup and restore, the huge amount of empty partitions from Alarm table fails to drop the old partitions. For more information see Techzone on how to drop partition.

  • Prime Infrastructure can handle 7k interfaces per device. It takes only a few hours for the inventory sync-up to complete for the devices within this range. For devices with more than 7k interfaces, a few days will be required for the sync-up and if the interfaces range exceeds 10k, server downtime is experienced.

  • When you migrate to Catalyst 9800 devices from the Prime Infrastructure-DNA Center co-existence tool, the Catalyst 9800 devices support aided for DNA Center 1.2.8 and above moves the WLC to DNA Center and the devices to the collection failure sync state on Netconf feature failure. This is because the Catalyst 9800 devices support expects you to enter a value for the “Netconf Port” field and the SSH credentials so as to be managed by DNA Center. You can also manage the Catalyst 9800 devices manually by entering a value for the Netconf Port field and the SSH credentials in DNA Center and then re-sync.

  • You must perform the configuration instructions as described in the Basic Configuration of a Catalyst 9800 Running IOS to Support NETCONF/YANG Data Modelling section required for a Catalyst 9800 running IOS software to support NETCONF/YANG Data Modelling.


    Replace 3850 with 9800, wherever applicable.

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure no longer supports the Datacenter feature.

  • Cisco ADE (Application Deployment Engine) OS Release 4.1 is supported till EOL of Prime Infrastructure.

Open Caveats

The following table lists the open caveats in Prime Infrastructure Release 3.8.

Click the identifier to view the impact and workaround for the caveat. This information is displayed in the Bug Search Tool. You can track the status of the open caveats using the Bug Search Tool.

Table 2. Open Caveats




Swim CCO EULA & K9 agreement Links validation


Cisco DNAC Coexistence feature Sync issue when the only floor is removed and a new floor is added.


Prime Infrastructure: ISSU image upgrade is not working


Timezone reconfiguration may stop poller jobs from rescheduling and fail login with \"negative time\"


Unable to upload .dwg image into Prime Infrastructure New Maps due to size of OBJECTS section


Interface Utilization report shows wrong interface details when we save and run it.


Importing CAD unique block instances failed under certain circumstances


Prime Infrastructure 3.8 Dashboard page - Device down port links are not clickable

Resolved Caveats

The following caveats were resolved in this release. You can view additional information about these caveats in the Bug Search Tool.

Table 3. Resolved Caveats




Prime Infrastructure 3.8-Device Parameters are missing and Devices are not listing in All-Devices view.


Prime Infrastructure 38: uname -a shows incorrect kernel in few upgrade Paths.


More Kernel Vulnerabilities in 38 upgrade paths.


Prime Infrastructure upgrade from to - showing upgrade bundle not supported.


Prime Infrastructure 38 - Oracle Database Server Multiple Vulnerabilities.


Medium Apache 2.4.x < 2.4.41 Multiple Vulnerabilities - port 8080.


Prime Infrastructure generating alarms for unconfigured state as malicious and critical alarms.


BGL18 Alpha: Prime Infrastructure CCO upgrade stuck after stage 2.


wcs_model_jar applied through modelHandler failed with Duplicate query mapping Exception.


AireOS Config Translator - Fetch config is not working - showing browser error message.


3.8 Upgrade got failed while performing 3.7 - > 3.8.


BGL18 Alpha: Unable to see the CLI Session for eWLC \"Failed to fetch device details using CLI\".


Tokelau : Error while Updating User Password in NON ROOT user.


Antenna Broken Traps are not available on Prime infrastructure.


S&P:Constraint violation exception in prune.log.


Prime Infrastructure installed in Hyperv : WSA service is in starting state.


Upgrade getting failed from 3.6 & 3.7 to build in 2 stage.


17.1 final build - coral needs to be integrated with Prime 3.8 release.

CSCvs29263 : Restore process get stuck in 8th stage 3 of 5 and not progressing.


NMS stopped due to OOM as client Traps being processed.


Tokelau : Secondary Server NMS is stopped after Force Failover.


Prime Infrastructure 3.8: Heat maps not generated for some AP models.


'Planning mode' page is not launched in Floor view.


Prime Infrastructure 36/37 to PI 3.8 Signed Build #94 Upgrade hangs at stage 4.


S&P:Facing slowness with the Prime Infrastructure-DNAC migration with #93build with DNAC version


Page is showing blank after filtered User defined from network devices page.


Prime Infrastructure-DNAC migration failed moving all subgroups except top level Campus (DNAC :


Some components of PI 3.8 using DES Algorithm.


CMX10.6.MR1- Axel-E supporting Marlin-3, unable to distinguish on Prime Infrastructure UI.


Restore backup is failing after stage 3 (from 3.8 to 3.7).


Sensitive Data Disclosed in Job Logs and associated problems.


Prime Infrastructure 3.7 Network Topology Fails to Load in Firefox browser


Software Image Upgrade Analysis flow not working.


Prime Infrastructure can't edit admin user password after adding a security-admin user whose username contains \"admin\".


Database connection is not getting closed over period of time.


BGL18 Alpha: 3.8 Prime Infrastructure showing AP/Client wrong Count because of congestion in TDL collector pipe.


Cisco Prime Infrastructure Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability.


Prime Infrastructure Maps to support SD status refresh to propagate Green APs/radios to floors and up.


Prime Infrastructure 3.5 not listing all routers in DMVPN report.


Different timezone in HA logs in each browser.


Invalid error message when CMX fails to add to Prime Infrastructure due to certificate issue.


Jobs are not moving to running state after restore 3.5,3.4 backup over 3.7 in a specific scenario.


Prime Infrastructure 38 - Nessus Scanner reported new issues.


Saved Report Templates disappear from Prime Infrastructure in 7 days after performing \"Save and Export\".


Prime Infrastructure shouldn't allow configuring RF profile with name exceeding 31 characters.


9120i AP not showing heatmap for 802.11a band in Prime Infrastructure's Planning Mode.


Prime Infrastructure 3.5's new SSE API has inaccurate timestamps, appears to be timezone offset.


On Demand Location - Missing location heatmap for radio slot 2 (XOR).


Prime Infrastructure - Autonomous AP dashlet not reflecting actual status of APs.


Prime Infrastructure syslog report does not work when executed for Last 1 Hour.


Syslog Report missing syslogs where the source IP is different than the management address.


Evaluation of ncs for Intel 2019.2 IPU.


Unable to import the template in Prime Infrastructure 3.4.


Rogue rules disappear from Prime Infrastructure 3.2.


Prime Infrastructure 3.x - APs do not show up in GUI due to high number of CDP neighbors.


Site Maps AP has invalid AP height.


Cisco DNA Center Coexistence tool does not display location groups if group name contains apostrophe.


Prime Infrastructure: 360 View for Child VDCs are not working on the VDC tab.


API template deployment shows max 5 device IP addresses in job deployment results.


Prime Infrastructure 3.7 - Constraint violations encountered during pruning.


Nessus scan: Vulnerabilities in kernel and sudo.


Prime Infrastructure latency issue.


DHCP timeout set to 5 in WLC DHCP Template.


API provided by DeviceDashletService returns CPU/Memory utilization for only 5 CPUs.


Credential Profile column missing from bulk import csv file in Prime Infrastructure 3.5 and later.


Lightweight Client Status job is not able to update client status info.


Oracle Java SE Multiple Vulnerabilities (22 ).


Top N interface by netflow dashlet not loading for the Virtual Domain.


TLS 1.2 support for SMTP traffic from Prime Infrastructure.


Prime Infrastructure 38: NEssus Scan : New Vulnerabilities in kernel, tcpdump and sdl.


Prime Infrastructure 3.7 - DB Query tool not functioning as expected.


Prime Infrastructure : Does not zip emailed reports.


Prime Infrastructure 3.7 - The Global Search Feature is Not Functioning.


Prime Infrastructure's API for config archive differences may not work.


Prime Infrastructure 3.x - Custom dashboards/dashlets not saved after migrating from local to ISE managed account.


Prime Infrastructure Coexistence Tool - Cisco DNA Center not correctly processing geographic coordinates.


\"Interface Utilization Trend\" report execution fails to run when logging in to Prime Infrastructure GUI in Japanese.


Prime Infrastructure may not be able to insert new events in its database.


Handle ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while loading WLANs page.


Prime Infrastructure may be unable to insert unmanaged AP data into its database.


Prime Infrastructure multiple interfaces on VM appliance are not supported.


Prime Infrastructure 3.x - DOC - Remove Reference to NetFlow Configurations for Nexus 7K Series Switches.


Unable to update the client info in Basestation table.


New audit mismatches discovered for template (QoSMapTemplate_4003).


Prime Infrastructure 3.x - Switch stack appears in Prime Infrastructure Dashboard as multiple devices.


Password policy in Prime Infrastructure's CLI doesn't work as expected.


Prime Infrastructure allows adding more than 25 license files; according to the documentation, should not exceed 25.


\"partial success\" message while running config archive.


Add variable dashlet in config templates incorrectly sized in fullscreen mode.


Selection of WLANs on Flexconnect WLAN-VLAN mapping is not cleared after closing the window.


Object-group commands for Zone Based Firewalls aren't supported on non-ISR G2 platforms.


Customer Feedback:Include AP Model column in Copy & Replace AP feature for Single AP.


Client Summary Report per SSID.


Memory usage of the server in \"Memory Utilization\" graph shows wrong values.


Prime Infrastructure 3.x - Bulk import using a credential profile does not associate credential profile to the devices.


Meraki devices in SNMP Connectivity Failed status in Prime Infrastructure 3.6.


Prime Infrastructure 3.x - Access Point deletion not reflected in Change Audit Dashboard.


Prime Infrastructure-Cisco DNA Center Mapbox implementation missing country code.


Prime Infrastructure getting invalidate netflow application data with special characters and invalid selector ID.


AP Groups NTP Feature support for Prime Infrastructure 3.8.


Query Optimization for Amazon(Radio Performance BG task).


Jobs are not moving to running state after restore 3.5,3.4 backup over 3.7 in a specific scenario.


Different timezone in HA logs in each browser.

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