Network Convergence System 5000 Series Routers


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The Network Convergence System 5000 Series offers a high-density, small-form-factor MPLS aggregation router for metro aggregation. It is designed to economically scale large enterprise, over-the-top (OTT), and service provider Data Center networking architectures.

The Cisco NCS 5000 Series is an extension to Cisco’s routing platform portfolio enabling Service Providers and MPLS enabled data center architectures to offer elastic networks with improved business agility and simplified operations to deliver high-bandwidth mobile, video, and cloud services.

It can also operate as an extension shelf of Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers using Network Virtualization (nV) technology, consolidating multiple layers in the network and dramatically reducing operational costs.

The Cisco NCS 5000 series routers are small form factor dense aggregation systems. Powered by industry leading routing operation system, IOS-XR, the system also offers rich functions such as third party application hosting, machine-to-machine interface, telemetry and flexible package delivery.

The latest release of Cisco IOS XR operating system opens up the architecture of Cisco IOS XR using a 64-bit Linux-based operating system to deliver greater agility, automation and simplicity, while reducing cost of operating the networks.

Release 6.5.2 Packages

This table lists the Cisco IOS XR Software feature set matrix (packages) with associated filenames.

Table 1. Release 6.5.2 Packages for Cisco NCS 5000 Series Router

Composite Package

Feature Set



Cisco IOS XR IP Unicast Routing Core Bundle


Contains base image contents that includes:

  • Host operating system

  • System Admin boot image

  • IOS XR boot image

  • Alarm co-relation

Individually-Installable Optional Packages

Feature Set



Cisco IOS XR Manageability Package


XML, Parser, HTTP Server, Telemetry, and gRPC.

Cisco IOS XR MPLS Package


Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), MPLS forwarding , MPLS operations , Administration and maintenance (OAM), Layer3-vpn , layer-2 vpn.

Cisco IOS XR MPLS RSVP TE package


Supports MPLS RSVP-TE (Resource Reservation Protocol with Traffic Engineering extensions)

Cisco IOS XR Security Package


Support for Encryption, Decryption, and Secure Shell (SSH),

Cisco IOS XR Multicast Package


Multicast routing protocols (PIM, IGMP, Auto-rp, BSR) and infrastructure (Multicast routing information Base) , Multicast forwarding (mfwd)

Cisco IOS XR ISIS package


Supports ISIS

Cisco IOS XR OSPF package


Supports OSPF

Software Features Introduced in this Release

Auto-Reload of Line Cards after FPD Upgrade

This release introduces auto-reload support for line cards after FPD upgrade on NCS 5000 and routers.

For more information about Upgrading FPD, see the System Management Configuration Guide for Cisco NCS 5000and Series Routers.

Hitless Upgrade

This release introduces support for Hitless upgrade feature on NCS 5011. Hitless upgrade ensures that upgrade occurs without impacting any optics and forwarding ASIC state and software state is recovered as part of system restart.

For more information about Hitless Upgrade, see the System Setup and Software Installation Guide for Cisco NCS 5000 Series Routers.

SR-TE On Demand Next Hops for L3VPN

On Demand Next hop (ODN) leverages upon dynamic SR-TE capabilities and supports the path computation element (PCE) capability to find and download the end to end path based on the requirements. Using the SR-TE On-Demand Next Hops for L3VPN feature, you can trigger automatic SR-TE tunnels on demand to route traffic based on specific constraints (for example delay and bandwidth) for the L3VPN service. In a large network, automatically computing path between nodes in different domains (autonomous systems) whenever necessary leads to operational simplicity and efficient large scale network aggregation.

Deprecated Command

Starting from Cisco IOS XR Release 6.5.2, the install update command is not supported and is replaced with new command install source .

The syntax of the install source command is:

install source repository [rpm]


Caveats describe unexpected behavior in Cisco IOS XR Software releases. Severity-1 caveats are the most critical caveats; severity-2 caveats are less critical.

Cisco IOS XR Caveats

There are no caveats specific to Cisco IOS XR Software Release.

Caveats Specific to the NCS 5000 Routers

There are no caveats in this release.

Upgrading Cisco IOS XR Software

Cisco IOS XR Software is installed and activated from modular packages, allowing specific features or software patches to be installed, upgraded, or downgraded without affecting unrelated processes. Software packages can be upgraded or downgraded on all supported card types, or on a single card (node).

The upgrade document is available along with the software images.

Cisco Software Manager (CSM) application provides an intuitive user interface to manage Cisco IOS XR installations, with pre-installation and post-installation checks and reports. CSM helps manage the process of software maintenance upgrades (SMUs) and service packs (SPs) on devices that run the Cisco IOS XR Software.

For information on using CSM, see Cisco Software Manager User Guide.

Important Notes

  • The SRLB (Segment Routing Local Block) inconsistency and allocation failure error is observed when a non-default values of SRLB and SRGB (Segment Routing Global Block) are configured and a commit-replace is followed by configuration re-application. This issue impacts data forwarding as the SR labels are not properly programmed.

    To prevent the issue, use the clear segment-routing local-block discrepancy all command to clear the label conflicts.

Related Documentation

The most current Cisco Network Convergence System 5000 Series documentation is located at this URL:

The document containing Cisco IOS XR System Error Messages (SEM) is located at this URL:

Production Software Maintenance Updates (SMUs)

A production SMU is a SMU that is formally requested, developed, tested, and released. Production SMUs are intended for use in a live network environment and are formally supported by the Cisco TAC and the relevant development teams. Software bugs identified through software recommendations or Bug Search Tools are not a basis for production SMU requests.

For information on production SMU types, refer the Production SMU Types section of the IOS XR Software Maintenance Updates (SMUs) guide.

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