Cisco Technical Support Mobile App - Retired

Technical Support Mobile App

Cisco announces the retirement of the Cisco Technical Support Mobile App for both Android and iOS platforms. The Cisco Technical Support Mobile application has reached its logical end and will no longer be available to download via Android and iOS starting April 15th, 2023.

The last date of support for the application is April 28th, 2023. All existing app installations will become unusable by this date.

We thank you for using our mobile app. Almost all key features that were available on the mobile app are available across various mobile-friendly pages, found below.

Feature Alternatives

The following is the list of feature alternatives to capabilities formerly on the mobile app, and can be leveraged in a browser on mobile devices or desktop:

Cases & Contract Management

  Support Case Manager (SCM) View, update and create Support Cases, directly contact your assigned TAC Engineer and On-Site Contact. Look up your support contracts and run support coverage & product lifecycle reports on your devices.

  Cisco Support Assistant The Cisco Support Assistant (formerly TAC Connect Bot) provides a self-service experience for common case inquiries and basic transactions such as bugs and RMA management without waiting in a queue (for existing cases).

  Cisco Returns Portal The Cisco Returns Portal allows you to manage Cisco Returns, obtain RMAs, track returns, arrange pick up, print shipping label, circular economy, review Cisco product warranties, obtain replacement parts and recycle.

  CCW-R Use the Cisco Commerce Software Subscriptions and Services page (CCW-R) to manage existing, create new, or renew Technical Services (TS) and software subscription (Term-and-Content) quotes, submit approved orders, and manage your contracts.

  Device Coverage Checker Check Cisco service contract coverage for a device or group of devices. Input a serial number to see results, or upload a CSV file of serial numbers for bulk report.


Personalized Features

  My Saved Content My Saved Content will allow you to replicate some of the features of My Shortcuts. You can now save documents and other content for quick access and future reference, directly from the page.

  My Notifications My Notifications allows an user to subscribe and receive notifications for Cisco PSIRT (Security Advisories), End of Life Announcements, Field Notices, Software and Bug updates for specific Cisco products and technologies.

  My Devices My Devices is a cloud-based user-curated inventory management system to help organize your Cisco gear, track contract and product support coverage, and monitor lifecycle milestones.

Troubleshooting Tools

  Bug Search Tool The Cisco Bug Search Tool can assist you with risk management, product maintenance/sustainment and researching and troubleshooting software bugs.

  IPsec Overhead Calculator This tool calculates the overhead for IPSec and other common encapsulation protocols based on the input packet size and IPSec algorithms. It can help with the proper MTU tuning for best performance.

  Collaboration Solutions Analyzer Suite of tools to assist you in the day to day operations, troubleshooting, and validation of your Collaboration infrastructure.

  Parnter Finder Use the Partner Finder to quickly locate a Cisco partner near you. You can also search by partners name, technology, company size and more.

Additional Support Resources

  Products and Solutions Find the Cisco products, services, and solutions that fit your needs. Cisco can provide your organization with solutions for everything from networking and data center to collaboration and security.

  Supported Products Access all documentation, security notices, and quick links to support resources for all supported Cisco products.

  Support for Acquisitions Helpful Support links for key Cisco acquisitions and divestitures. Some Cisco-owned companies will maintain their original website and support resources, and they are linked here.

  Cisco Validated Designs Cisco Validated Designs are tested and documented approaches to help you design, deploy, and extend new technologies successfully.

  Networking Technology Protocols Support design, configuration and troubleshooting TechNotes and white papers for various networking technologies and protocols.

  Software Downloads Get the latest updates, patches and releases of Cisco Software.

  Licensing Support Support for troubleshooting common Cisco licensing issues on your own, with easy-to-follow documents on traditional PAK-based licenses or when managing Smart Licenses.

  Cisco Support Community Meet and connect with other members who use Cisco Technologies. Join the discussion by asking and answering questions and stay informed with blogs, videos and high-quality technical resources.

  Cisco News and Videos

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