Technical Services Resource Guide

24-Hour award-winning technical services for Cisco products and technologies

Cisco Technical Services help to ensure that your Cisco products and network operate efficiently and benefit from the most up-to-date system and application software. When you need technical assistance, you can resolve issues quickly using the resources and tools available through your Cisco Technical Services contract.

Severity levels of Cisco service requests

To make sure your request is prioritized correctly, Cisco has established service request severity definitions. When you contact the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), you will be asked to assign your request a severity level.

  • Severity 1 (S1): Critical impact on the customer's business operations. Cisco's hardware, software or as a service product is down.
  • Severity 2 (S2): Substantial impact on the customer's business operations. Cisco hardware, software or as a service product is degraded.
  • Severity 3 (S3): Minimal impact on the customer's business operations. Cisco hardware, software or as a service product is partially degraded.
  • Severity 4 (S4): No impact on the customer's business operations. The customer requests information about features, implementation, or configuration for Cisco's hardware, software, or as a service product.

Direct access to Cisco TAC Engineers

Open a service request to talk to a Cisco TAC engineer or use online resources to get technical information on demand.

Submit a Cisco service request

S1 or S2 service requests: For S1 or S2 issues, or if you do not have Internet access for S3 and S4 issues, contact the Cisco TAC by telephone to submit your service requests.

S3 or S4 service requests: Use Support Case Manager to quickly submit S3 and S4 service requests.

Three ways to get support

Creating a service request using Support Case Manager

The fastest way to create S3 and S4 service requests and submit them to the TAC is to use Support Case Manager.

What you will need:

  • Your Cisco Service Contract Number
  • Product Serial Number, Chassis Serial Number, or Virtual License Number
  • Product Model Number and its hardware configuration
  • Physical location of the product
  • Severity Level of the Issue (see definitions)

The following information will help expedite your case:

  • Meaningful case title stating the problem accurately
  • History of the problem
  • Network topology and explanation
  • Output from “show tech” command (if applicable) and all other relevant output
  • Software versions and types of equipment
  • Relevant syslog/tacac logs before the issue occurred


If you are not completely satisfied with the progress on resolving your service request, please contact your regional technical support center and ask to speak with the duty manager.

Status of Cisco service requests

You can use Support Case Manager to track progress or to update your service requests with notes and attached files. See Support Case Manager Help for a list of case statuses and their definitions.

Service order/RMA status tool for advance hardware replacement

During a TAC service request, if it is necessary to replace a hardware component, the Cisco TAC will arrange for the correct component to be shipped to you from a Service Depot.

To track the status of your replacement part, enter your Service Order/RMA number, purchase order number, TAC service request number, TAC task, or “ship-to” ID and the status tool will provide an update on your service order/RMA. login user ID issues

Send an email to

Cisco Support Website

Online resources

Resolve technical issues quickly using the Cisco Support Website. Online documents and tools, software updates, access to the TAC Case Collection database and collaborative networking spaces make it easy to get the information you need.

Product and technology support pages

Configuration examples, technical notes, command references, feature guides, and other information are organized into two main sections:

  • Product Support: For solutions for Cisco hardware and software product issues, see All Products Support.
  • Technology Support: For solutions for issues with technologies enabled by Cisco products, see Technologies.

Online tools

In addition to calculators and software download utilities, use interactive online support tools and resources for configuration, design, troubleshooting, installation, assessment, and service request management.

Download software

From the Software Download page you can confirm software compatibility, investigate hardware and software issues, download specific applications or updates, and access a comprehensive database of release information. You can also link to other software-related technical support.

Training resources

Expand your technical skills and stay current on the latest technology advances through online technical training presentations and live and recorded online Cisco Technical Support Seminars. Acquire the advanced skills of Cisco TAC engineers in networking fundamentals, IP routing, LAN switching, and voice on the Cisco Learning Connection Website.

Connect and collaborate with networking professionals

Share questions, suggestions, and information about networking solutions, products, and technologies with users, in real time, around the globe, in Cisco Community.

From Cisco Community, you can also join Community Live or Ask Me Anything events.

Order Cisco services

Cisco offers a broad range of award-winning support services designed to maintain high-quality network performance while controlling operational costs.

To learn more about or purchase Cisco Technical Services, see Technical Services.