Digital Building Solution

Digital Building Solution

Lay a foundation for next-generation smart buildings

Make your building smarter through optimized lighting, building automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Converge standalone building systems into one IP platform. 

Our Digital Building Solution provides

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Installation simplicity

They’re easy to use and install with simple Power over Ethernet (PoE) deployments and an intuitive mobile app for configuration.

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Seamless security

Advanced security features provide comprehensive threat intelligence and defense by using the network as a sensor and enforcer.

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Sustainable savings

Save on energy and operating expenses to meet environmental-protection standards.

What's inside a digital building

Catalyst Digital Building Series Switches


A digital building combines innovations in smart Internet of Things ( IoT) devices and sensors with Cisco PoE and Universal Power over Ethernet products. Save on energy costs and enhance flexibility, safety, and productivity. The Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series switches are designed for smart buildings and optimized for low-voltage.



Lighting creates an initial layer of IP-connected (light) endpoints in the ceiling.



Building Automation

Our partners provide building automation technology, controls and equipment to integrate HVAC, communications, and security systems at the infrastructure level.




These are the essential parts you need to converge separate networks, such as cabling to support Power over Ethernet.


Independent software vendors

Our independent software vendors offer innovative applications you can choose to deploy, adding value to your digital building investment.

Customer success stories

Virginia Enhancing customer experiences

Enhancing customer experiences

A Marriott Hotel offers travelers an enhanced experience and gains real-time analytics.

Digitizing facilities management

Alpiq InTec brings new digital offering

Cisco helps building technology provider Alpiq InTec to create a new Enterprise IoT platform.

Lighting the way to better learning

Lighting the way to better learning

A Cisco Digital Building helps Miami-Dade county schools cut costs and raise student results.

What you can do with a digital building


Combine disparate building networks

Merge lighting, air, physical security, and other networks onto a single IP network.


Improve efficiency and sustainability

Workers can customize room temperature and light settings in their spaces.


Deliver new user experiences

Room temperature, and light color and intensity settings follow workers to their spaces.


Enable business analytics

Sensors help analyze traffic patterns, use of space, and occupancy rate in real time.

Digital building technology can meet ...


Changing worker expectations

Fifty percent of respondents report being dissatisfied with their office temperature.


Smart lighting requirements

Seventy percent of new commercial building lighting installations will implement smart lighting.


Demand for Intelligent Buildings

Building sensor deployment will increase threefold by 2025.