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NAS storage appliances can give your business terabytes of additional storage capacity, while providing automated, redundant data backups. Today's NAS storage systems require minimal maintenance, reduce data storage costs, and provide fast file access from a centralized, secure data repository.

What to Look For in an NAS Storage Solution

The top features you should look for in an NAS storage appliance include:

  • Redundant data backup. Ideally, you should be able to set up your NAS storage appliance as a RAID system. For example, in a RAID1 configuration, the same data is simultaneously stored on two hard drives. If one drive crashes, the data is still accessible from the second.
  • Fast data backup/restoration. For maximum performance, your NAS storage appliance should support the Gigabit Ethernet interface.
  • Lockability. For extra data security, get an NAS storage appliance with a lockable front panel, to prevent theft or tampering.
  • Small size and quiet operation. Some network storage appliances are small enough to fit on a shelf. Ideally, look for a quiet appliance that will not disturb nearby workers.
  • Support for Microsoft Distributed File System (MDFS). This feature lets you map multiple storage devices so users see them as one drive. Users do not have to remember which drive their data is stored on.
  • Automatic file encryption/decryption. This feature protects data if a hard drive within the NAS system is stolen. For robust security, look for an NAS solution offering 256-bit AES file encryption.
  • The ability to constantly backup from multiple computers. This feature can be centralized in a network storage appliance. You will simplify backup management, while helping to ensure that you do not lose valuable information.

NAS Storage Solutions from Cisco

Cisco offers a portfolio of NAS storage systems designed to meet your business's needs and budget. Find out about the Cisco Small Business portfolio of network storage systems.

Cisco Small Business Continuous Data Protection can be combined with Cisco network storage systems. Continuous Data Protection constantly makes synchronized copies of updated files and works unobtrusively in the background. Learn more about Cisco Continuous Data Protection.

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