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Transformation through virtualization

Begin the next phase of your network’s transformation by virtualizing your headends with cloud-native technology. Introduce the dynamic scale and agility your network needs to deliver the services your customers want.

Going cloud native

Navigate your way towards virtualizing your headend by going cloud native. Discover your path for migrating headend functions to the cloud and turning dedicated hardware into scalable software.


The economics of the cloud native broadband router

Calculate the benefits of virtualizing your headend
Deployment Scale i Small Headend: designed for limited scale, small headend environments. Does not include redundancies.

Mini Data Center: designed for medium sized deployments with high availability.

Data Center: For large scale deployments with high availability.

Small Headend

Mini Data Center

Data Center

Network Insights

Bandwidth Growth


Network Hardware

White paper: Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNFs)

Virtualization has evolved with cloud-native principles. Discover how cloud-native functions deliver on the economics, efficiencies, and agilities that virtual network functions once promised. Learn how going cloud native will help you achieve web-scale.

Go cloud native

Virtualize your headend hardware and transform how you operate, develop, and deploy services with the Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router (cnBR).

Cloud-native DevOps

Bring the cloud-native DevOps to your DOCSIS network. Agilely deploy new services and features.

Continue your cable network transformation