What is World IPv6 Day?

On June 8, 2011, The Internet Society (ISOC) sponsored a 24-hour global test of IPv6. Major organizations such as content providers and web, networking, and software companies enabled IPv6 on their main websites for 24 hours.

Why is World IPv6 Day important?

For decades the world used IPv4 addresses. This event motivated organizations to prepare for a successful transition to the new IPv6 protocol as IPv4 address space runs out. Without an industry-coordinated action we risk increased costs and limited functionality for online Internet users everywhere.

Why did Cisco participate?

Cisco supported the IPv6 protocol since its inception in 1996. Because more than 70 percent of the Internet runs on Cisco products, we want to continue to help customers make IPv6 an integral part of their networks.

How did Cisco participate?

Cisco, like many other participants, worked with its own ISP and configured an IPv6-specific site to observe and assess content interactions. Cisco Services created an online World IPv6 Day-IPv6 Transition forum at where customers and partners continue to exchange issues and best practices with Cisco Internet support specialists.

How can I, my organization, or an interested party learn more about World IPv6 Day?

Go to the Internet Society Organization website for more information.