Connected Sports Case Study: Denver Broncos

New Opportunities for Fans and Sponsors

The Denver Broncos envisioned a better experience for fans and more value for sponsors. Cisco Connected Sports solutions delivered.


The Broncos wanted their stadium to feature the latest in connectivity, mobility, and video technology. They aimed to:

  • Create new opportunities for fans to use their mobile devices
  • Build on a scalable, more secure platform for innovation and growth
  • Deliver more reliable connectivity for tens of thousands of fans and partners
  • Centrally manage delivery of video, promotions, and event information



  • 50 percent increase in concourse signage revenue
  • Centrally run digital assets for over 300 events
  • A customer and sponsor experience extending to parking lots and fan zones
Cisco wireless solutions knocked it out of the park.
- Russ Trainor,
VP of IT, Denver Broncos