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Cisco Networking for Retail

Transforming retail for the digital age

Deliver the experience your customers demand with a network that is constantly learning, constantly adapting, constantly protecting. Unlock the network's full potential to build business solutions by using Cisco Networking automation to simplify network management, analytics to give you customer insights, and embedded security to help you meet compliance requirements.

Cisco Networking for Retail use cases

Optimized store connectivity

Keep customers and associates securely connected with the brand’s network and scale your connectivity across locations.

Multi-cloud connectivity

Balance in-store network workloads without necessary connectivity to deliver the best customer experience.

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As One creates a connected digital experience

We have deployed the Cisco HyperFlex system and experienced firsthand the benefits, such as performance and operation manageability, that could not be achieved through combinations of individual products.

Shinichi Hakoda, IT Promotion Department Manager, AS ONE Corporation

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Take a virtual tour of our Connected Cisco Store in San Jose to see our retail solutions in a living, functional store environment.

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