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Mobility directly impacts the retail experience

Equip your associates with the right tool to help customers beat the check-out line in a frictionless and seamless manner. With a mobile POS, store associates can capture orders and take payments using a mobile device to check-out customers faster, whenever and wherever the customer needs support.

Our approach to solving your challenge

Leverage our full-scale partner ecosystem to meet your retail objectives.

Featured Resources

See our tips on how to boost retail revenue through associate engagement.

Associates drive retail loyalty

Position retail associates as another channel for consumers to engage with your retail brand

The future of retail associates

Read about how technology empowers retail associates to deliver an improved customer experience. (PDF - 80 KB)

Associate clienteling capabilities

Shipment options

Ship products to a costumer address or store location. Give consumers more options throughout their shopping journey.

iOS Mobility

Empower your retail associates to be connected and mobile by ensuring iOS app’s performance never lose a beat.


Mix in-store and online products in a single order to ease the shopper’s journey and never lose a sale to the mobile shopper.

More engagement

Handle more than one customer at a time during busy times with support for multiple cart sessions per associate.